OSRS Managing Miscellania Guide

Managing Miscellania is a repeatable activity unlocked after completion of the Throne of Miscellania quest, which is expanded further after completion of Royal Trouble. The activities involves players managing the kingdom of Miscellania. Through collecting raw materials and resources for the city.

The primary goal is to have the Kingdoms people collect valuable resources. This in turn provides a profitable source of passive income for players providing approval ratings and salaries are withheld to a good standard.

Key management areas in Miscellania

If you want to be successful in your management of the Kingdom, you’ll need to focus on a few key areas. Get these right and you’ll be generating consistent profits from this activity.


On the first floor of the Miscellania Castle, players will find a coffer that holds up to 5,000,000 coins (7,500,000 after Royal Trouble). The more players pay their workers the more resources will be yielded daily in return.

Workers are paid a daily rate of 10% of the total holdings in the coffer up to 50,000 (75,000 after Royal Trouble). So, its recommended to keep a minimum of at least 500,000 coins in the coffer. Although, ideally you should deposit as close to the maximum as you can to avoid wasting time topping it up or forgetting to do so.

Labour Division

10 workers will be available and 15 after Royal Trouble is complete. These workers can be divided out among six forms of labour these are as follows:

Each labour form can be assigned a maximum of 10 workers. You have the option to leave workers unassigned or “idle”. However, your coins will be used at the same rate, meaning it isn’t beneficial to leave any workers idling.

osrs managing miscellania
Miscellania Management Interface

Once Royal Trouble has been complete you will see an uplift in worker productivity by 50%. The type of resources you will receive is dependant on where you have assigned your workers to. For example, assigning workers to woodcutting will provide you with resources such as logs and bird nests.

Approval Rating

Your approval rating represents how your workers and subjects feel towards your management of the Kingdom. This value ranges between 25% to 100%, with it falling 2.5% every day or 1% after Royal Trouble. The rating can be checked with Advisor Ghrim or by talking to any of the kingdoms citizens.

Helping workers to complete skilling tasks will increase your approval rating. However, it will only be registered if the worker is nearby and says thanks to the player. Some of the fastest methods of gaining father include raking patches for weeds, mining coal and chopping maple trees.

Managing Miscellania FAQs

How often do you need to collect resources?

Once a week is normally an appropriate time to collect your resources. Daily would be too short of a time and if you wait much longer than a week before returning your favour will begin to drop.

How long can you leave Miscellania unattended?

Realistically you can leave Miscellania unattended for over 100 days before you start to run out of money if you deposited the maximum amount. However, your favour will be none existent if you do not attend to the Kingdom before that. Once a week is usually good for maintenance, but two to three weeks is also fine.

How much profit can be made from Miscellania?

Profits vary greatly depending on current Grand Exchange prices. So, remember to research where is best to put your workers in terms of the resources they gather. But, you can expect anywhere from 25,000 to 75,000 coins in daily profit.

Is managing Miscellania worth it?

Yes, but this is largely dependant on where your account progression is. Miscellania is especially beneficial to low to mid level players and ironmen. As these accounts generally have low bank values and limited resources if playing ironman. Therefore, the passive profit or resources can prove beneficial. As you move into late game, with a high bank value then it may not be as beneficial.