OSRS Mining Training Guide

Mining is a resource-gathering skill in Oldschool Runescape, used to gather various ores, gems and resources in the game. There are a wide variety of different training methods that can be used, each with their own benefits. In this OSRS Mining Training Guide we will showcase the most efficient methods from 1 to 99 mining, as well as some strong alternatives for profit, low intensity and more.

Mining Equipment


The only equipment players will need to train mining is a pickaxe. In order to equip it you will need the corresponding attack level, but if you don’t have the attack level it can still be used for mining if in your inventory. When mining it is always recommended to use the highest tier pickaxe available to you for higher experience rates. However, some activities such as blood runecrafting, where the mining chance is 100% every time, players can use the black pickaxe as it is the lightest.

osrs mining pickaxes
Types of Mining Pickaxes

The crystal pickaxe has an additional requirement of 50 Agility, it will also have to be charged with crystal shards. Although these are easy to collect by planting crystal trees, which is essentially a 0 time method of generating crystal shards.

The Prospector Kit

The prospectors kit is a type of experience boosting equipment. When worn it will boost the players mining experience by up to 2.5%. The set is only obtainable from doing the Motherlode Mine activity and requires 180 golden nuggets. It is not worth the time invested if only going for 99 mining. However, it is required for a master clue step and completion of the Falador hard diary, so may be worthwhile in the long-run if these are future goals.

prospectors kit cost osrs
Prospectors Kit Cost

Fastest Route to 99 Mining

Below is the most optimal route to follow from levels 1 to 99 mining in OSRS. If you want to play from an efficiency perspective then this will be best suited to you, allowing you to train the skill as fast as you possibly can.

Questing: Levels 1-37

The early mining levels can be skipped entirely with quest completions. Since you will likely need to complete these quests for your accounts progression at a later date anyway, it is efficient to do them as early as possible. Completing the following quests will get you from level 1 to 37 mining:

  • Doric’s Quest
  • Another Slice of H.A.M
  • Plague City
  • The Giant Dwarf
  • The Dig Site
  • The Lost Tribe

Iron Ore: Levels 15-45/70

Between levels 15 and 45 mining iron ore is the fastest exp per hour. In this level bracket, expect around 45,000 to 55,000 experience per hour. At level 45, for players who are interested in tick manipulation methods, mining granite ore will be faster. But, if you do not want to use tick manipulation, then staying at iron ore until level 70 is advised.

Experience rates can scale up to 70,000 mining exp/hour at level 60+ when players gain access to the Mining Guild which has its respawn timer on ores halved.

mining iron ore osrs
Player mining Iron Ore

Granite: Levels 45-99

Mining Granite with tick manipulation offers the fastest mining training in OSRS. With 3-tick mining it is possible to get the following experience rates at different level brackets:

  • Level 45: 60,000 – 70,000 mining experience per hour.
  • Level 70: 85,000 – 95,000 mining experience per hour.
  • Level 85: 105,000 – 115,000 mining experience per hour.
  • Level 99: 130,000+ mining experience per hour.

It is only recommended to train with Granite if you are using the 3-tick method shown in the animation below. Without tick manipulation it is better to use iron ore mining or some of the strategies mentioned in the next section of this guide, such as Volcanic Mine or Blast Mine.

player mining granite rocks osrs
Player training with 3-tick Granite

The Quarry where granite can be mined is located in the Desert, so heat protection and waterskins are advised. The fastest method of reaching the area is with the Enkhra’s Temple teleport via the Camulet. Then exit the Temple and run south-west or with the hard desert diary complete, you will be able to teleport directly to the entrance.

Alternative Mining Methods in OSRS

The great thing about the mining skill is there is so much variety to the ways you can train. With viable options if players don’t want to use tick manipulation, want to make some profit or want low intensity and AFK training methods. Below is a list of some of the best alternative mining training strategies.

Shooting Stars: Level 10-99

The shooting stars mining activity is not the fastest training method. With hourly experience rates capping out at only around 20,000 per hour. However, untradeable stardust from the activity can be exchanged for more untradeable rewards. Such as the Celestial ring and star fragments, which can be used to cosmetically upgrade the Prospector’s kit.

If the rewards are something that interest you, then it may be worth doing this method for a little while on your way to 99. It also benefits from being relatively AFK, as you can use the grouping chat channel to locate fallen stars easily.

Motherlode Mine: Levels 30-99

motherlode mine ores osrs

The Motherlode Mine is one of the most popular mining training methods in OSRS. It is so popular as it combines moderate rates of experience and profit, with a low intensity style of training. At level 70 expect around 30,000 mining exp/hour, scaling to around 53,000 per hour at level 85+.

Motherlode Mine is located adjacent to the Mining Guild and can be reached easily with a Skills Necklace Teleport or running to the entrance from Falador.

Mining Gem Rocks: Levels 52-99

Gem Rock mining is a profitable alternative to granite. Similarly to granite, you will need to make use of tick manipulation to maximise your experience rates here. However, you will need to have completed the Karamja hard diary to access the underground gem rock mine in Shilo Village. The method is only worthwhile if you have done the diary, as the underground area has a bank in close proximity and a far larger quantity of rocks.

mining gem rocks in osrs
Gem Rock Mining

Experience rates can reach up to 110,000 mining exp per hour at level 99 with tick manipulation. You can see the full breakdown of experience rates for the different level brackets below. You can also expect between 800k and 1m gp per hour at maximum efficiency here.

gem rock mining experience rates in osrs
Gem Rock Mining Experience per Hour

Volcanic Mine: Levels 70-99

Volcanic Mine is one of the fastest mining training methods without tick-manipulation. Expect up to 94,000 mining experience per hour at level 99 with a Crystal Pickaxe. A breakdown of the experience rates by bracket and pickaxe type can be seen in the graph below.

The Volcanic Mine is a type of minigame and is found exclusviely on the Fossil Island. As such it has some relatively difficult requirements of 70 mining, completion of Bone Voyage, 150 Varrock Museum Kudos and to have set up the Museum Camp on Fossil Island.

volcanic mine experience per hour osrs
Exp/Hour in Volcanic Mine

Blast Mine: Levels 75-99

Blast Mine offers a combination of good mining experience and good profitability. It is only recommended to start training here at level 75, as this is when you get access to runite ore. At level 75 expect 55,000 experience per hour, scaling to 65,000 at level 90 and around 75,000 exp/hour for level 99.

Dynamite, a chisel and a tinderbox are all requirements for this method. Weight-reducing equipment such as graceful clothing is highly recommended, stamina pots will also be necessary to restore run and the ring of endurance can be brought if you have it.

blast mine osrs
Blast Mining in OSRS

Amethyst: Levels 92-99

Amethyst mining is a slow experience method, with around 20,000 – 25,000 mining experience per hour. However, players using this method enjoy one of the lowest intensity methods to training the skill. In addition, to some passive profit of around 300-400k per hour. It is also a favourable method for ironmen as the Amethyst ore can be fletched in to useful ranged ammunition such as Amethyst arrows and darts.

The Mining Guild

entrance to mining guild

Players with at least level 60 mining can gain access to the Mining Guild. It can be found below Falador, in the Dwarven mines, the entrance is in the house to the east of the Falador Party room, down the stairs. The area is split into two and a free-to-play and members only area can be found in each of the two sections.

The Guild is also directly connected to the Motherlode Mine and is the only area Amethyst crystals can be found. Two popular training methods for mining that have already been mentioned in this guide. Similar to all other guilds, there is also an invisible +7 level boost for mining ore’s inside the Guild.