OSRS Stealing Artefacts Guide

Stealing Artefacts is a type of thieving training activity in the Piscarilius region of Kourend. In order to start this minigame, you will need at least level 49 thieving. Additionally, you will need a lockpick or hair clip to steal the artefacts that Captain Khaled assigns.

How to play Stealing Artefacts minigame

The objective of the minigame is to get an assignment from Captain Khaled. Travel to the house he tasks you with, and steal an artefact. You will then need to make it back safely without the guards noticing you and without teleporting.

OSRS Houses assigned in Stealing Artefacts
Houses assigned by Captain Khaled

All 6 of the different houses have their artefacts stored in the same type of areas. When you enter the houses, climb up a ladder and search a drawer to find the hidden artefact. The image below shows the best way to avoid the on-coming patrol guards.

Experience rates from Stealing Artefacts

From levels 49 to 65 stealing artefacts provides the fastest thieving experience in the game. Before it is beaten by Menaphite Thug blackjacking at level 65.

However, exp rates will vary dependant on if you have a Kharedst’s memoirs or not. As it makes it faster to reach the houses after the initial assignment. At levels 49 expect 130k thieving exp without the memoirs and 150k with it. Scaling to 160k with and 186k without at level 65. Check the table below for a full breakdown.

OSRS Stealing Artefacts xp rates
Experience rates