OSRS Blackjacking Guide

Blackjacking refers to a type of thieving training method, requiring level 45 thieving and partial completion of the Feud quest. Players lure specific NPCs into building in the city of Pollnivneach and use a Blackjack to knock them out. Once knocked out, the player can then freely pickpocket the NPC for thieving experience and coins.

Unlike traditional pickpocketing, the pickpocketing chance is always 100%, but the chance of knocking the NPC varies based on your level and can fail. If you fail, the NPC will temporarily stun you and deal some small damage.

How to get to the Blackjacking area?

Blackjacking takes place in the city of Pollnivneach. Here you will find Menaphites and Bandits which can both be lured, knocked-out and pickpocketed. The city is located in the Desert region, south of the Shantay Pass and north of Sophanem. To travel there use one of the following methods:

  • Glory teleport to Al-kharid, run to Shantay Pass (south) and use the Magic Carpet to Pollnivneach.
  • Nardah teleport and use Magic Carpet to Pollnivneach.
  • Pharaoh’s Sceptre to Sophanem and use Magic Carpet to Pollnivneach.
  • PoH teleport if your house is in Pollnivneach or you have 99 construction.
blackjacking location osrs
Blackjacking Location

How to train thieving with Blackjacking

  1. Ensure you have a blackjack in your hand
  2. Right click lure on one of the Bandits/Menaphites
  3. Lead the NPC into an empty building/room and close the curtain/door.
  4. Right click again and choose knock-out
  5. If successfully knocked out begin pickpocketing (you can always do 2 pickpockets if fast)
example of blackjacking in osrs
Example of a player training with blackjacking

If you fail to knock-out the Bandit or Menaphite, it will begin to attack you. You can make it stop attacking you by trying to pickpocket it immediately or trying to knock it out again. Remember to bring food as they will deal small but consistent damage to you. There is a banknote exchange merchant located close to the general store on the northern side of the city. He will un-note food for you for a small fee, this is highly recommended.

As previously noted, you unlock this training method at level 45. Your current level shows which type of NPC you should be blackjacking on for optimal experience rates. From levels 45 to 55, you will be blackjacking the Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits. From levels 55 to 65, you should be blackjacking the Pollnivnian Bandits. Finally, levels 65 to 99, you should be blackjacking the Menaphite Thugs.

Success rates with Blackjacking

The chance to successfully knock-out a Bandit or Menaphite is dependant on your current thieving level. With each level you gain the success rate increases linearly. At level 99 the success rate is 94%, the full list of levels and success rates can be found in the graph below.

blackjacking success rates osrs
Blackjacking Success Rates

Experience Rates with blackjacking

  • Levels 45-55 – 90k Thieving experience per hour
  • Levels 55-65 – 150k Thieving experience per hour
  • Levels 65-87 – 180k Thieving experience per hour
  • Levels 87-91 – 200k Thieving experience per hour
  • Levels 91-99 – 220k Thieving experience per hour

Blackjacking experience rates are only beaten by one activity, Pyramid Plunder. But, this only becomes better than blackjacking at level 91-99 Thieving.