Raid Shadow Legends: Cardiel Champion Guide

Cardiel is a legendary void affinity champion from the sacred order faction in Raid Shadow Legends. He is a brilliant champion to gain and add to your champion list. He is tied closely with Sicia Flametongue in his A4 ability, which we will touch more on in the skills overview section of this guide. Cardiel is a support based champion that really shines in the arena, he’s also strong at clan boss and faction wars. In this guide we will provide an end game build setup for the arena, including info on mastery selection, gear/stats and team compositions.

Cardiel Stats Overview

Cardiel avatar
  • Faction: Sacred Order
  • Type: Support
  • Affinity: Void
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • HP: 19650
  • Attack: 1013
  • Defense: 1255
  • Critical Rate: 15
  • Critical Damage: 50
  • Speed: 106
  • Resistance: 50
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Aura: Increase Ally SPD in by 19
  • Books to Max Skills: 12

Cardiel Skills Overview

Cow the Wicked

A1: Cow the Wicked

Attacks 1 enemy. Heals all allies by 7.5% of their MAX HP. Also places a [True Fear] debuff for 1 turn if the target is a Champion from the Demonspawn, Undead Hordes, or Knights Revenant Factions.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Heal +5%
  • Level 4: Damage +5%
  • Level 5: Heal +5%
  • Level 6: Damage +10%
  • Level 7: Heal +10%

A2: Angelsong

Removes all debuffs from all allies, then places a [Block Debuffs] buff and a [Revive On Death] buff on all allies for 2 turns. The [Revive On Death] buffs cannot be removed.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
Heavenly Host

A3: Heavenly Host

Places a 30% [Increase C. RATE] buff and a 30% [Increase C. DMG] buff on all allies for 2 turns, then teams up with all allies to attack a target enemy. Decreases the cooldown of this skill by 1 turn if an enemy is killed from this attack.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
  • Level 3: Cooldown -1
Fiend Warden [P]

A4: Fiend Warden [P]

Allies receive 20% less damage from Champions from the Demonspawn, Undead Hordes, or Knights Revenant Factions. Whenever an ally attacks, has a 15% chance to team up with them and join their attack. This Champion will attack with their default skill. Always joins Sicia Flametongue’s attacks if they are on the same team. Can only join an ally’s attack once per turn. Cardiel will not team up on ally attacks when they counterattack or when teaming up to attack with another Champion.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
  • Level 3: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
  • Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%

Cardiel Arena Build Guide

Cardiel is Void affinity Legendary champion from the Sacred Order faction. He can find a spot in many different areas of the game. This is a Late Game+ Cardiel build, mostly for use in the Classic arena or Tag arena. Cardiel can find himself a spot at even the highest tier and can be used in Platinum Arena. Booking his A2 and A3 is recommended. Those two skills are going to be the main key for the team as they allows the composition to work.

This Cardiel build fulfills 2 roles:

  • Defensive to save and cleanse of teammates
  • Offensive and Ally Attack with his teammates


We want Cardiel to stay alive as long as possible so the masteries will be focused on survival: high Resistance to prevent debuffs from being place and some tankiness to survive longer.

Improve parry to prevent some of the Critical Damage, Resurgent for a chance to remove a debuff and Wisdom of Battle are staples for champions built for Arena. Cycle of Revenge and Rapid Response masteries are important for TM boosts to take turns and cycle skills more often.

Unshakeable as the T6 mastery is a good choice if you can build enough Resistance. Another alternative for Arena would be Timely Intervention; however, for Platinum Arena having enough Resistance is more beneficial

Cardiel arena masteries

Gear & Stats Build

We’ll mostly use Cardiel on a go-second team. Cardiel should be the fastest champion on the team so he can remove all ally’s debuffs if needed. At the same time he should also be resilient enough to survive the first wave of incoming damage.

Primary stat we’re looking for is Resistance for this build. Around 700 Resistance is recommended for Platinum Arena at the moment. After that, enough Speed is required so he is first to take a turn on your team, and the rest of the other stats should be HP/Def. Anything else does not matter. The ideal set would be Immunity or Untouchable, whichever gives the most Res/Spd/HP/Def.

Recommended Main Stats:

  • Glove: HP%/DEF%
  • Chest: Resistance
  • Boots: Speed
  • Ring: HP/DEF
  • Amulet: HP/DEF
  • Banner: Resistance

Reaction accessories are nice to have for survival, but not necessary.

Cardiel arena build

Arena Team Compositions and Tactics

The featured team composition consists of Duchess, Cardiel and two Candraphons. The main goal is to survive the first turn, remove the debuffs with Cardiel, let Duchess place her Veil and Atk UP and then let Candraphons deal damage and clean up the opposing team.

One of the advantages of this team is that Reaction accessories of opponents do not matter as you are going second. It’s a consistent 50-60 second team in Platinum Arena. Cardiels ally attack always targets the leader of the opposing team on auto.

This team with Candraphons doesn’t work well against Spirit Affinity champions and especially works badly against Duchess Lilitu, hence try to avoid those matchups

Cardiel arena team

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