Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes

Promo codes are an important part of Raid Shadow Legends. They allow you to unlock free one-time rewards on your account. Some of the rewards include xp boosts, arena refills, battle attempts, energy refills, silver and much more. This guide will provide you a list of active Raid Shadow Legends promo codes. We will also provide guidance and a step by step process for you to learn how these codes can be inputted and redeemed on your account today.

Active Promo Codes

Promotional CodeReward
Midgame24subscribeFree Rewards
MID12GAME20 Brews, 300,000 Silver, 50 Multi-Battles
ILOVERAID20 Brews, 300,000 Silver, 50 Multi-Battles
Spooky2023Free Rewards
UndeadTreatFree Rewards
SUPERPOWERSDeacon Armstrong, 1 Epic Book, 200,000 Silver, 24 Magic XP Brews (New accounts & Plarium Play only)
LADYQUNLady Qullen, Silver (New accounts & iOS and Android only)
POWERSTARTERTalia, Energy, Silver (New accounts only)
LUCKYRAID Chonoru, 300,000 Silver (New accounts only)
MORDECAIMordecai (New accounts & Android only)

How to Claim Promo Codes in Raid Shadow Legends

The process of claiming promo codes in Raid Shadow Legends is a very easy one. However, there are still many players who struggle with it to this day. This is especially the case for new players. Below we have outlined a simple step by step guide to use to claim the rewards for your account:

  1. Claim on the three-lined button after launching Raid Shadow Legends. It can be found in the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the “Promo Codes” option.
  3. Copy and paste one of the active codes listed above into the “enter code” box.
  4. Click the claim button after inserting the code to receive your rewards.

After claiming the reward it will be sent to your mailbox. Make sure you claim them from your mailbox, before they expire in around 7 days time.

Claim Raid Promo Codes