RS3 Bank Organization

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Having a clean and tidy bank that is optimised for your wants and needs is important to many players in Runescape 3. But, working out exactly how to order your bank can be a challenging task. In this guide we will look over some of the best ways to organise your bank in to different categories and tabs.

One thing to remember before starting to organise your bank is to ensure you have placeholders turned on at all times. This ensures that if you are to remove items from the bank completely for use, they will stay in the bank as a placeholder. So that when you return the item to the bank it returns to the same position inside of the bank.

Tab 1 – Infinity Tab

The first tab in a bank is known as the infinity tab, this is where any automatically deposited items will enter. Due to this fact it is best to use this as your junk tab. As items start to fill the tab up you can decide if you want to keep them and then move them to a more important tab at a later date, or simply sell/drop them.

infinity bank tab

Tab 2 – Gear & Weapons

This will likely be your most valuable and most used tab in Runescape. Fill it with all of your significant gear including all of the different types of armour and weapons that you use for PvM. It could also be useful to store your runes in this tab, although that is completely optional. You can try and group items into categories as you go, for example, players can group their ranged weapons in a specific section of the tab, with their magic weapons and melee weapons in other separate but close by groups.

rs3 gear tab

Tab 3 – Combat Related Supplies

Another great tab to have in RS3 is one that contains all of your essential combat and PvM supplies. This includes all of the important combat potions, from Saradomin Brews to Super Restores and Overloads. With additional ingredients to make more if necessary with the Herblore Skill.

Additionally, a good amount of cooked high-tier fish, ranging from Sailfish to Rocktails and Sharks is always important. Lastly you should include supplies for important summoning familiars such as the Pack Yak. You can also store your summoning charms here.

combat supplies tab

Tab 4 – Skilling

Another independent tab should be centred around skilling activities in RS3. This tab should include all of your skilling outfits that you use, so they are easily accessible. It should also include any skill capes that you have, that have useful perks or benefits. Additionally, any items that you require for skilling training, for example the gloves of silence might be used frequently for thieving or various different types of traps for hunter.

Finally, raw materials that are frequently provided as loot from the skilling activities you take part in should be included. This ensures they go straight into this tab and not stored randomly.

rs3 skilling tab

Tab 5 – Loot

The final important tab for any good Runescape bank to have should be a loot tab. In this tab you should fill it with all of the loot that you are currently receiving at a common rate. The majority of this loot will likely come from PvM including bossing and slayer. This may differ slightly between low-level, mid-level and high-level gameplay. However, if you have done well to minimise bank spaces in the rest of your tabs then you can use that space creating a really impressive loot tab.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the use of placeholders becomes really important for loot tabs, providing you want to keep a consistent layout of the tab. As this allows it to stay the same even when you have sold off all of the loot you have collected. This allows you to easily create a high valued loot tab, sell it off and start again with no issues of losing the original layout.

rs3 loot tab