RS3 Thieving Training Guide

Thieving is a members only skill in Runescape 3 that involves pickpocketing, lock picking and coshing in an attempt to steal items from NPCs or areas. It can be a useful skill at high levels and just like any other skill, it is important for your overall account progression. In this guide we will cover the fastest training methods for thieving and competitive alternative methods.

Fastest Thieving Training Methods

The fastest RS3 thieving methods largely centres around safecracking at mid to high level. Although at lower levels you will start out stealing from NPC’s, stalls and making use of the lockpicking technique. Experience rates start as low as 6,000 per hour and scale as high as 950,000+. You can see a full list of the best methods in the table below.

LevelsThieving ActivityBase Thieving Experience/Hour
1-5Pompus Merchants6,000
5-15Bakery Stalls11,000
15-62Thieves’ Guild61,000 – 150,000
62-76Safecracking in Misthalin300,000
76-83Safecracking in Asgarnia400,000
83-90/99+Safecracking in Kandarin575,000
90-99+Hidden Safes950,000

Pompus Merchants: Levels 1-5

pompus merchant rs3

The most efficient way to start your journey to 99 thieving is by pickpocketing the Pompus Merchants. This NPC is found in Taverley, slightly east of the Lodestone. Remember to bring high healing food, as if you are caught pickpocketing you will be stunned and lose a small amount of life points.

Around 6,000 base thieving experience per hour can be expected using this method. However, you will only be training here until level 5, so it should take on average between 4 and 5 minutes.

Bakery Stalls: Levels 5-15

bakery stall rs3

At level 5, players can begin stealing from the Bakery Stalls. These can be found in various locations around Runescape, however the best place is typically Lumbridge. As this one is in close proximity to a bank chest. Additionally, players can steal from the vegetable stalls, located nearby, instead of waiting for the Bakery Stall to regenerate. This results in faster overall experience rates.

An average of 11,000 base thieving experience per hour can be expected with this method. Similar to the Pompus Merchants, players should not expect to need to spend a lot of time here. As only 2,300 experience is required to unlock the next method at level 15. This will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to achieve depending on concentration.

Thieves’ Guild: Levels 15-62

With level 15 thieving players can open the doors in the practice chest area of the Thieves’ Guild. This does however require the completion of the Buyers and Cellars quest. Players should train the skill by opening the jail cell doors in the practice chest area. Using this method players will also need to hop between worlds, as it takes around 5.5 minutes for the door to close again.

Experience rates vary significantly depending on your current level, as at different milestones you will unlock new doors. At level 15 expect 61,000 base thieving experience per hour when opening the 3 northern doors. At level 35 players will also be able to unlock the 3 doors on the south side of the corridor, this requires a lockpick and increases experience rates to between 83,000 and 150,000 depending on your thieving level.

Safecracking in Misthalin: Levels 62-76

The remaining methods from levels 62 to 99 all involve the safecracking method. This requires players to have spoken to the safe-cracking trainer in the Thieves’ Guild. The thieves’ guild capers quest will also need to have been completed.

Safecracking in Misthalin provides around 300,000 base thieving experience per hour. Players should click on the safes as they flash blue for the best experience rates. Additionally, players should always ensure they are moving to new safe locations.

EdgevilleUpstairs General Store1
Wizard TowerNortheast Room on 2nd Floor1
Wizard TowerSouthwest Room on 2nd Floor1
LumbridgeUpstairs in house south of tree patch1
LumbridgeUpstairs in Bob’s Axe Shop1
DraynorGround Floor of Draynor Manor2
DraynorUpstairs in Wise Old Man’s House1
VarrockPalace Rooftop3
Al Kharid1st Floor of Zeke’s Scimitar shop1
Al KharidHouse north of Lodestone1
PollnivneachHakeem the Mayor’s house2
Safecracking in Misthalin
Safe locations in Misthalin

Safecracking in Asgarnia: Levels 76-83

At level 76 thieving players should move to Asgarnia and continue cracking the safes in this area. It is possible to get over 400,000 base thieving experience per hour when using this method.

The most efficient safes to loot are those located at the Black Knights’ Fortress, Burnthorpe Castle and Port Sarim. When looting all 6 of the safes found in these locations, players should find that the 5-minute respawn timers will have been reset.

WildernessBlack Knights’ Fortress2
BurnthorpeRoof of Burnthorpe Castle2
Port SarimAbove jewellery store and forge2
FaladorHouse east of Park1
FaladorHouses eastern side of Falador2
FaladorHouse closest to south side entrance1
Safecracking in Asgarnia
Safe locations in Asgarnia

Safecracking in Kandarin: Levels 83-90/99+

Players that reach level 83 thieving can begin to crack the safes found in Kandarin. It is possible to get up to 575,000 base thieving experience using this method. Again, only between 5 and 6 safes need to be looted, despite the fact there are more in the area. The optimal route is as follows:

  1. Teleport to Camelot and loot both safes in the Castle.
  2. Ardougne Teleport and loot both safes in the houses at the Market.
  3. Teleport to Yanille and loot safes in the western wall and pub.
  4. Repeat process.
ArdougneNorth House at Ardougne Market1
ArdougneWest House at Ardougne Market1
ArdougneArdougne Castle2
ArdougneJimmy Dazzler’s House1
YanilleWestern Wall1
YanilleYanille Pub1
CamelotCamelot Castle2
Safe locations in Kandarin
Safe locations in Kandarin

Hidden Safes: Levels 90-99+

rs3 safes

From level 90 onwards players can start to include hidden safes into their safe cracking routes. Hidden safes can be found at three separate locations; Zemouregal’s Fort, Rogues’ Castle and Zanaris. The safes found in the Rogues’ Castle are the most significant, although completion of the Wilderness Hard achievements is recommended. As this will allow you to select the destination for Wilderness Obelisk teleports. Using this method it is possible to get upwards of 950,000 base thieving experience per hour.

Alternative Thieving Training Methods

The fastest methods of training thieving can be pretty intensive and lack a lot of variety, since the bulk of the training will be cracking safes. For this reason a lot of players opt for alternative methods. Some choose methods that provide a moderate level of profit or are significantly more AFK to train. Below is a list of some strong thieving training alternatives to use in RS3.

Crux Eqal Druids: Levels 42-83

Crux Eqal Druids

Crux Eqal Druids can be pickpocketed at level 42 thieving. They provide around 150,000 to 200,000 thieving experience per hour. Players should make use of the following boosts to increase the success rate to 100%:

  • Five-finger discount aura
  • Crystal Mask
  • Light Form prayer
  • Master Camouflage Outfit
  • Abyssal Lurker special
  • Ardougne Cloak 3+

Crux Eqal Druids can be found in the Garden of Kharid, in the Kharidian Desert.

Crux Eqal Knights: Levels 83-99+

Crux Eqal Knights

Crux Eqal Knights can be pickpocketed if the player has at least 83 thieving. With a good success rate players can expect around 500,000 base thieving experience per hour. To ensure a 100% success rate, players can use the following boosts:

  • Five-finger discount aura
  • Crystal Mask
  • Light Form prayer
  • Trahaearn Exoskeleton Set
  • Ardougne Cloak 3+

Crux Eqal Knights can be found in the Garden of Kharid, in the Kharidian Desert.

Thieving Equipment

Ardougne Cloak 3/4+Cloak 3 is unlocked after completion of Ardougne Hard diary and 4 after the elite diary. They each increase the players chance of success when pickpocketing in RS3.
Gloves of SilenceWhen worn they increase the players chance to successfully pickpocket an NPC by 5%. The gloves require a hunter level of 54 to equip and are degradable. They will last for a total of 62 failed pickpocket attempts. Players with 64 crafting can repair the gloves with 1 dark kebbit fur and a thread.
Crystal MaskA reward from the Light Within Quest. The crystal mask is a seren spell that requires a minimum of level 90 magic, with 7 earth, 6 fire, 5 body and 4 soul runes to cast.
Increases the probability of a successful pickpocket by 15% for 5 minutes and gives a chance to not be stunned when failing a pickpocket.
Light FormA Seren prayer that increases the effectiveness of spells such as Crystal Mask, making pickpockets even more likely.
Trahaearn Exoskeleton SetReward from the Plague’s End quest. When the full set is worn the player receives the following bonuses:
– If the player owns the Black Ibis outfit, then its boost to experience will be applied when the Trahaearn set is worn.
– With 75 hunter and thieving the player will gain the same effects as the gloves of silence.
– 25% chance to avoid being stunned on failed pickpockets
Camouflage outfitCreated via the Invention skill using camouflage fragments. The following bonuses apply to the set:
– 5% chance to avoid stuns on failed pickpockets
– 5% chance to receive a double pickpocket
– If the player owns the Black Ibis outfit, then its boost to experience will be applied when the Camouflage set is worn.
– Effects of the Trahaearn Exoskeleton Set are applied if the player owns it.
Outfit comes in different versions; Desert, Keldagrim and Prifddinas, they share the same bonuses and are only different in terms of their style/colour.
Master Camouflage outfitPlayers must merge all three Camouflage outfits (Desert, Keldagrim & Prifddinas) to create the master variant.
– 7% chance to avoid stuns on failed pickpockets
– 7% chance to receive a double pickpocket
– Increases your probability of pickpocketing Seren’s Symbol pieces.
– Provides a variety of teleports include; Lletya, Pollnivneach, Pyramid Plunder, Thieves’ Guild, Consortium and all of the Priffdinas Clan Districts.
Five-finger Discount AuraIncreases the players likelihood of pickpocketing an NPC successfully by 3 to 15% when activated. The Aura lasts between one and five hours after being initially activated.