RS3 Slayer Training Guide

Training slayer is usually one of the most popular activities and skills to do in Runescape 3. The skill is loved for its variety, allowing players to travel around the map killing various monsters. This can also be highly lucrative at high-levels, netting huge amounts of profit and rewards. This guide will go over some of the best ways to level the slayer skill and everything you need to know about slayer masters, slayer points, gear and much more.

Slayer Masters

The best and fastest way to gain slayer experience in RS3 is to use the best slayer master available to you. As they generally provide the best experience, loot and slayer points that you can get. Below is a table of the available slayer masters with their requirements and locations.

Turael / SpriaNoneBurnthorpe
Vannaka30 CombatEdgeville
The Raptor35 Combat
Unwelcome Guest Quest
Fort Forinthry
Mazchna50 CombatCanifis
Chaeldar75 Combat
Lost City Quest
Sumona90 Combat & 35 Slayer
Smoking Kills Quest
Duradel / Lapalok100 Combat & 50 Slayer
Shilo Village Quest
Shilo Village
Kuradel110 Combat & 75 SlayerAncient Cavern
Morvran120 Combat & 85 Slayer
Plague’s End Quest
Laniakea120 Combat & 90 SlayerAnachronia
Mandrith120 Combat & 95 SlayerDeep Wilderness

Slayer Points

After every successful task completion, players will be rewarded with slayer points, providing it is not with Turael or Spria, who reward 0 points. Every 10th and 50th task, a significantly larger amount of slayer points is rewarded, on the 10th it is 5 times as many points and on the 50th it is 15 times as many. These points are valuable as they can be used to redeem important rewards from slayer masters.

In addition to Turael and Spria not rewarding the player with any points, they will also reset the players task count when changing a task to them. Since you only start receiving slayer points after your 5th successful task, it is therefore not recommended to do this unless you absolutely need to. Furthermore, players should ensure they have completed the Smoking Kills quest as soon as possible. Players who have not done so will receive half the amount of points as in the table below.

Slayer MasterPoints Per TaskPoints per 10th TaskPoints per 50th Task
Turael / Spria000
The Raptor15Up to 105Up to 315
Duradel / Lapalok1575225

Slayer Gear & Equipment

How you gear for slayer is important as it sets you up in the perfect position to make the best gains possible. Minimising the amount you need to spend on supplies, while maximising your overall profit and experience rates when training the skill. Some general guidance to follow in regards to equipment for slayer is as follows:

  • Always use power armour over tank armour for slayer.
  • Avoid gear that degrades or is expensive to up-keep, unless you have access to the best money making methods.
  • Always use a slayer helmet if you have one.
  • Demon Horn Necklace is best in slot for monsters that do drop bones.
  • Blood Amulet of Fury good for monsters that don’t drop bones.
  • Use two-handed weapons for all styles of combat if possible. They are usually better due to their area of effect abilities. Halberd weapons are a particularly effective melee weapon.

The Importance of the Slayer Helmet

slayer helmet rs3

The Slayer Helmet is by far the most important piece of slayer equipment available to players. It should be among the first unlock players make with their slayer points. It provides a significant boost of between 12.5% and 14.5% to all damage and accuracy against monster you are assigned as a slayer task. The helmet also incorporates the effects of all slayer headgear.

There are a number of different slayer helmets, each with a different set of stats and bonuses. The corrupted slayer helmet is currently the best, to get this item you will need a total of 2,500 slayer points.

different types of slayer helmets

Players can add up to 5 fully charged rings of slaying and 6 fully charge ferocious rings to the slayer helmet. This requires level 60 crafting and the ability to do so must be unlocked for 500 slayer points.

Melee Gear Recommendations

recommendations for rs3 melee slayer gear

Ranged Gear Recommendations

recommendations for rs3 ranged slayer gear

Magic Gear Recommendations

recommendations for rs3 magic slayer gear