RS3 Best Food

Food makes up an essential part of Runescape 3, without it, it would be very difficult to take part in popular activities such as bossing, slayer and general PvM. Even skilling activities whereby players frequently lose hitpoints, such as thieving, would be challenging without the best food. In this guide we’ll explore the best foods to use in Runescape.

What are the Best Foods in RS3?

  1. Sailfish Soup
  2. Rocktail Soup
  3. Blue Blubber Jellyfish
  4. Sailfish
  5. Rocktail
  6. Summer Pie
  7. Manta Ray
  8. Tuna Potato
  9. Shark
  10. Beltfish

#1 Sailfish Soup

Sailfish Soup

The Sailfish soup is the highest healing tradeable food in Runescape 3. It provides 2,600 life points of healing instantly to the player and can heal up to 15% above the maximum amount of life points. To eat this food the player must have at least level 99 constitution. To cook the food, players will need to use a sailfish and spice on a range at Fort Forinthry or player-owned ports.

#2 Rocktail Soup

Rocktail Soup is the second best food type in RS3 that is tradeable. When consumed the player will instantly gain up to 2,500 life points, with the ability to heal up to 15% above the players maximum life points. To consume the food players will need at least level 96 constitution. Players can cook this food in the same way that Sailfish is cooked, at Fort Forinthry or player owned ports using a Rocktail and spice.

#3 Blue Blubber Jellyfish

Blue Blubber Jellyfish

The Blue Blubber Jellyfish is a unique type of food and makes its way into third place on our list of top rs3 food types. It is unique because it takes 3 bites to consume, with each bite providing 750 life points for a total of 2,250. Unlike traditional food types, the Blue Blubber Jellyfish does no reduce adrenaline when eating it. Making it one of the best foods for PvMing in Runescape, it also has a low requirement of only 30 constitution.

#4 Sailfish


The Sailfish is another top tier food in Runescape 3. Players who consume this food will gain a total of 2,400 life points instantly and it can heal up to 10% above the maximum life points. Eating this food will require a minimum of level 96 constitution to do so. This food can be caught with the fishing skill at the Deep Sea Fishing hub and cooked if players have level 99 cooking.

#5 Rocktail

The regular Rocktail is slightly worse than the Sailfish, providing a total of 2,300 life points every time it is consumed, 100 less than the Sailfish. However, it is generally cheaper to buy on the Grand Exchange. This fish also has the ability to heal up to 10% above the players maximum life points. To consume this fish players need to have at least level 92 constitution.

#6 Summer Pie

Summer Pie

The summer pie is another somewhat unique food type to make it on to this list. It provides a total of 2,374 life points when the full pie is eaten, however, this takes two bites, each providing 1,187 life points. With each bite the players agility level is boosted by +5 and 20% restore energy is replenished. This can be useful in numerous PvM or skilling scenarios, including training agility.

The fact that a pie dish is always left after eating a full summer pie, makes this food type particularly useful at bosses such as the Chaos Elemental. As when fighting this boss it is beneficial to keep a full inventory, to avoid its ability to remove your armour and weapons.

#7 Manta Ray

Manta Ray

The Manta Ray is an effective high healing food type in RS3. It provides only slightly less healing than the Rocktail, with a toal of 2,275 life points per Manta. To eat this food players will need a constitution level of at least 91 and it can be obtained and cooked from the Fishing Trawler or the Deep Sea Fishing Hub.

#8 Tuna Potato

Tuna Potato

The Tuna Potato heals almost as much as the Manta Ray, with a total of 2,125 life points restored each Potato. However, it is significantly lower requirement, with only 85 constitution being necessary to consume it. Additionally, the Tuna Potato is usually a cheaper food type than the Manta Ray. Although be sure to check current Grand Exchange prices.

#9 Shark


The Shark is one of the best RS3 foods for mid-tier players. It can be eaten at level 80 constitution and heals the player for a total of 2,000 life points. They’re also easy to obtain on Ironmen accounts, as they can be caught and cooked with the fishing and cooking skill.

#10 Beltfish


Mid-tier players that are short for cash or don’t need the highest healing food available can opt for Beltfish. These provide a total of 1,650 life points each, which is 50 higher than Monkfish. The Beltfish is significantly cheaper than both the Monkfish and Sharks. A minimum of level 66 constitution is required to eat this food.