RS3 Melee Gear Progression

In Runescape 3, melee combat is centred around 3 core skills, Attack, Strength and Defence. The three can be trained all at once or independently in any order. Although, typically players will find it best prioritise strength training, then attack and finally defence. This guide aims to highlight the best route for players to follow when upgrading their melee gear and melee weapons at different stages of their account.

Low-Level Melee Gear: Levels 1-60

dragon armour rs3

Through-out the low levels of your melee progression you will want to be using the best melee gear that you can get your hands on and the weapons with the highest damage output. For armour you should be moving to a new type around every ten levels. This progresses from Iron at level 1 to Rune armour at level 50.

When players reach level 60 defence, they should always be looking to use the Dragon or Dragonbone armour, as it is a power armour, unlike many of the previous armours used. This allows it to give melee style bonuses and increase your overall damage capabilities.

It is also recommended that players gain access to items without any skill requirements tied to them as early as possible. The Fire cape is a free melee cape that is very easy to obtain at these low levels. Additionally, the champions ring with enchantment has no skill requirements and is the best in slot melee ring. In terms of amulets, the best in slot amulet, the Essence of Finality amulet (or), also has no requirements, but can be expensive. If you can not afford it, try and get the Reaper Necklace or Amulet of Souls.

Recommended Setup

At level 60 melee stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Full Dragonbone or Dragon Armour
  • Dual Wield Dragon Scimitar
  • Fire Cape
  • Champions ring with Enchantment
  • Essence of Finality (or)

Mid-Level Melee Gear: Levels 70-80

rs3 torva armour

When players reach level 70 they will notice a significant step up in the type of armour and weapons available. Players should begin using Bandos Armour at level 70 with the Abyssal Whip. This provides a significant increase in overall damage compared to dragon armour and weapons.

Shortly after, at level 75 players can progress their weapons onto the Godswords or Saradomin Sword for training melee. With the Laniakea’s Spear being available at tier 80, this spear provides tier 90 damage but has the accuracy of at tier 75, it provides the best in slot halberd weapon at this level bracket. Players will also have access to the Chaotic weapons and Masuta’s Warspear at level 80.

At level 80 defence there is also a notable improvement in the type of melee armour that can be worn. Players have the choice between two power armours, the Torva armour or Anima Core of Zaros armour. Both provide the same offensive bouses, however, torva is slightly better as it provides a life point and prayer bonus.

Recommended Setup

At level 80 melee stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Torva Armour
  • Laniakea’s Spear
  • Laceration Boots
  • Fire Cape or TokHaar-Kal-Ket
  • Champions ring with Enchantment
  • Essence of Finality (or)

High-Level Melee Gear: Levels 85-92

rs3 trimmed masterwork armour

At Level 85, melee gloves become a significant talking point. With 85 defence players can get the Cinderbane gloves and at level 90 the Enhanced gloves of passage. It is recommended to use the Cinderbanes if your target is poisonable or the enhanced gloves of passage if it is not.

At level 90 the laceration boots should be upgraded to enhanced laceration boots. Armour can be upgraded to refined anima armour at level 85, masterwork armour at level 90 and finally trimmed masterwork at level 92.

In terms of weapon upgrades, players should look to weapons such as the DW Dark Ice, Ripper Claws, Dragonrider Lance and Camel Staff at tier 85. At tier 90, this should progress to weapons such as the duel-wield drygores, but most importantly the Noxious scythe which is a significant improvement. Finally at tier 92 players can gain access to the Zaros Godsword and Abyssal Scourge.

Recommended Setup

At level 92 melee stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Trimmed Masterwork
  • Zaros Godsword, Noxious Scythe or Abyssal Scourge
  • Cinderbane Gloves or Enhanced Gloves of Passage
  • Enhanced Laceration Boots
  • TokHaar-Kal-Ket or Igneous Kal-Ket
  • Essence of Finality (or)
  • Champions ring with Enchantment

End-game Melee Gear: Levels 95-99+

vestments of havoc armour

At tier 95 and beyond you have finally hit the end-game when it comes to upgrading your melee gear in RS3. In this bracket it will predominately be armour and weapon upgrades. Although, if you have not already got a Igneous Kal-Ket then it is recommended to do so, as this is the best cape in rs3 for melee.

At level 95, players will be able to use the Ek-Zekkil, which is the best in slot melee weapon in RS3. Players will also have access to the Duel-Wield Leng Swords.

While the best in slot melee armour is unlocked at level 95 too, this is the Vestments of Havoc set, it should be worn during all melee combat and provides damage equal to that of tier 100, with t75 armour stats.

Recommended Setup

At level 95 melee stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Vestments of Havoc
  • Ek-Zekkil
  • Cinderbane Gloves or Enhanced Gloves of Passage
  • Enhanced Laceration Boots
  • Igneous Kal-Ket
  • Essence of Finality (or)
  • Champions ring with Enchantment

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