RS3 Divination Training Guide

The Divination skill is one that generally involves the player converting memories from rifts into enhanced experience in Runescape 3. Players will generally do this by harvesting the memories from different types of Wisps. This guide will cover all of the best strategies to level the divination skill in Runescape 3. Along with other competitive alternatives to give players a variety of choices.

Fastest Divination Training Methods

Training any skill using the fastest training methods should always be a priority for players. It saves significant time, allowing this time to be devoted to other activities. Below is a list of the fastest training methods from 1 to 99 and beyond in Divination.

LevelsDivination ActivityBase Divination Experience/Hour
1-10Pale Wisps4,000 – 5,000
10-20Flickering Wisps8,000 – 10,000
20-30Bright Wisps12,000 – 14,000
30-40Glowing Wisps17,000 – 19,000
40-50Sparkling Wisps23,000 – 28,000
50-60Gleaming Wisps27,000 – 33,000
60-70Vibrant Wisps35,000 – 41,000
70-99+Hall of Memories110,000 – 225,000

The experience per hour is calculated based on base experience and no additional boosts or bonuses have been applied. Additionally, the lower end of the hourly xp scale for wisps is if the player is not buying additional energy, the higher end is if players are buying additional energy.

Pale Wisps: Levels 1-10

Pale Wisps

At level 1 players should begin their road to 99 Divination by harvesting Pale Wisps. Players using bought energy can expect around 5,000 base divination experience per hour. While players without can expect to gain around 4,000 base divination experience per hour. From levels 1-10 this should take approximately 20 minutes.

Pale Wisps can be found in the area west of the Lumbridge Crater or south-east of Draynor Village.

Flickering Wisps: Levels 10-20

Flickering Wisps

From level 10 to 20 divination players should train with Flickering Wisps. With additional energy, players should expect to gain around 10,000 base divination experience per hour. But, without any additional energy, players will only gain around 8,000 xp/hour.

Flickering Wisps can be found in the area east of the Falador Lodestone.

Bright Wisps: Levels 20-30

bright wisps rs3

Upon reaching level 20 Divination, the player can move to harvesting Bright Wisps. With no additional energy players can expect to gain around 12,000 divination experience per hour. This scales to 14,000 xp/hour if the player has bought additional energy.

Bright Wisps can be found in the area south-west of the Varrock Dig Site or east of the Varrock Lodestone.

Glowing Wisps: Levels 30-40

glowing energy rs3

From levels 30 to 40 Divination, players should train the skill by harvesting Glowing Wisps. This provides the fastest experience at this level bracket. With around 19,000 divination experience per hour if players have bought additional energy. Without the additional energy players should expect to get experience rates of around 17,000 per hour.

The Glowing Wisps colony can be found just south of Seers’ Village.

Sparkling Wisps: Levels 40-50

Sparkling Wisps rs3

At level 40, players should start to harvest the Sparkling Wisps. With additional energy purchased, players should expect around 28,000 base divination experience per hour. For those without additional energy, expect to receive around 23,000 base divination experience per hour.

The Sparkling Wisps colony can be found just south-west of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. The fastest method of transportation here is with the Fairy Ring code A-J-R.

Gleaming Wisps: Levels 50-60

Gleaming Wisps rs3

Between divination levels of 50 and 60, players should move to training at the Gleaming Wisps colony. Players who have brought additional energy with them can expect experience rats of around 33,000 per hour. Whereas, those who have not can expect to receive around 27,000 base divination experience per hour of training.

The Gleaming Wisps colony can be found just north-east of the Nature Altar, in the Centre of the Karamja Island, which is also slightly north-east of Shilo Village.

Vibrant Wisps: Levels 60-70

vibrant wisps rs3

At level 60, the next step is to start harvesting Vibrant Wisps for divination experience. With additional energy players can expect experience rates to be around 41,000. For those without the additional energy, they will be receiving around 35,000 base divination experience per hour.

The Vibrant Wisps colony can be found just north of Feldip Hills.

Hall of Memories: Levels 70-99+

With level 70 Divination, players can begin training with the Hall of Memories, found below the Memorial to Guthix. Using this method provides the best divination experience in the game currently. Players should expect between 110,000 and 225,000 divination experience per hour. This can be increased further with experience boosting items or the use of tick manipulation. 2-tick divination will increase experience rates by around 1.5x on average.

Hall of Memories experience table rs3

To train divination with this activity, players will need to obtain empty jars from the eastern part of the chamber. Then proceed to fill the jars by harvesting the best memory type that they can in the main hall area. To maximise efficiency and experience rates, use abilities such as surge, mobile and bladed dive to travel between memories. When the memory jars have been filled fully, the player should deposit them into the unstable rift, which can be found in the northern part of the area.

Alternative Divination Training Methods

It’s important to remember in Runescape 3, there are an abundance of different training methods for all skills. So, you don’t always need to follow the traditional meta’s. Below are some strong alternative training methods for the Divination skill. That benefit from a range of different factors such as their levels of intensity, profitability and enjoyment/variety.

Lustrous Wisps: Levels 70-80

Lustrous Wisps

Players who do not enjoy training via the Memories Hall or are looking to continue training Divination via Wisps should proceed to the Lustrous Wisps Colony. Players training here with additional energy can get experience rates of around 52,000 xp/hour. Without additional energy, expect experience rates to be around 43,000 per hour.

The Lustrous Wisps colony can be found just east of the Slayer Tower.

Brilliant Wisps: Levels 80-85

Brilliant Wisps

Between levels 80 and 85 players can train divination with Brilliant Wisps. These provide around 73,000 divination experience per hour if additional energy is being used. Without additional energy, experience rates are around 60,000 base divination per hour.

The Brilliant Wisps colony can be found just east of the Mage Training Arena. Players can reach the area efficiently with a fairy ring teleport to the code B-I-P then running south to the Colony.

Radiant Wisps: Levels 85-90

radiant energy rs3

Between the levels of 85 and 90 players can harvest Radiant Wisps. With additional energy purchased, players will gain around 79,000 base divination experience every hour. Although, if players do not have additional energy, they will only gain around 65,000 xp/hour.

The Radiant Wisps colony can be found in the middle of the Dragontooth Island.

Luminous Wisps: Levels 90-95

rs3 Luminous Wisps

Between the levels of 90 and 95, players can train with Luminous Wisps. Players using additional energy can expect around 83,000 base divination experience per hour. Those without can expect slower rates of around 71,000 divination xp/hour.

The Luminous Wisps colony can be found just south of Sophanem. Partial completion of Icthlarin’s Little Helper is required for access.

Incandescent Wisps: Levels 95-99+

Incandescent Wisps

Between levels 95 and 99 (or 120 and beyond) players can train divination with Incandescent Wisps. With additional energy, players can get experience rates around 97,000 per hour. While those without additional energy will only be able to maintain experience rates around 82,000 per hour.

The Incandescent Wisps colony can be found just south of the Poison Waste or west of Castle Wars.

Divination Equipment

Diviner’s OutfitSkilling outfit that provides +1% bonus divination experience per item or +6% when the full set is worn.
Divination OutfitsThree types of outfits; the Divination Chronicle Outfit, Divination Energy Outfit and the Divination Memory Outfit. When any complete set is worn the following bonuses are applied:
– 5% chance to receive 2 chronicle fragments at once while harvesting chronicle fragment.
– 5% chance to gain +100% enriched memory.
– If the player has completed the World Wakes quest then the set will provide unlimited teleports to the Guthix’s Cave and May Stormbrewer.
– If the modified diviners headwear is owned, its benefits will apply to the divination outfit set.
– If the full set is worn, the experience boost from the Diviner’s Outfit will be applied dependant on how many pieces of the outfit that player owns. So, if the player owns 3 pieces of the diviner’s outfit, they will gain 3% divination bonus.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to divination depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires 75 Firemaking.
Divination UrnsDivination urns can be used to gain additional divination experience when training the skill. They are held in the players inventory and the urn is filled passively as the players completes divination activities. Requires between level 3 and 82 crafting, depending on the type of Urn.