RS3 Best Magic Armour

Magic Armours are an important aspect of any high-level bossing or slayer setup in Runescape 3. Knowing the correct magic gear progression in RS3 can be an essential bit of knowledge to have. Amour sets can be both expensive an inexpensive depending on your tier. However, its always important to know which type is the best bang for your buck when trying to create the best RS3 magic armour setup for yourself.

What are the Best RS3 Magic Armours?

  • Elite Tectonic Robe Armour
  • Tectonic Armour
  • Refined Anima Core of Seren Armour
  • Virtus Armour
  • Anima Core of Seren Armour
  • Subjugation Robe Armour

1. Elite Tectonic Robe Armour

The Elite Tectonic Robe Armour is the current best in slot magic armour for Runescape 3. With a total +91 attack bonus for magic, the highest of any armour in the game. Making it an awesome set for magic PVM in runescape, particularly when it is paired with some of the best rs3 magic weapons.

Each Elite Tectonic piece comes with 100,000 charges before disintegrating to dust on 0 charges. However, players can still use elite tectonic repair patches to re-charge the armour prior to it reaching 0 charges.

How to obtain the Elite Tectonic Armour?

Elite Tectonic Armour is created by combining tectonic armour with the following items:

  • Draconic Energy – Dropped by Black Stone Dragon, Dragonkin Laboratory mini-bosses and Rex Matriarchs.
  • Praesulic Essence (magic) – Obtained by breaking down Virtus equipment at a Dragonkin Anvil.
  • Stone of Binding – Can be bought at Bandit Duty Free, Wizards’ Guild or Grand Exchange.
  • Chaotic Remnant – Only required to create the robe top and can be obtained from Daemonheim Rewards Trader.

Creation of the full set requires 93 runecrafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for elite tectonic armour

2. Tectonic Armour

The Tectonic Robes set is a tier 90 degradable power armour. It is the second best magic armour in Runescape, beaten only by the upgraded, elite variant of the armour. Although, it is worth noting that the regular tectonic robes set is significantly cheaper to buy and maintain than its elite counterpart. with only -4 less magic style bonus than the elite variant this might be worth considering.

How to obtain the Tectonic Armour?

Tectonic Armour is made by combining tectonic energy with binding stones, the process requires a minimum of level 93 runecrafting. A total of 84 tectonic energies and 6 binding stones are required for a full set. The Tectonic Energy can be acquired as a drop from the boss Vorago, while binding stones can be purchased from the Wizard’s Guild.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for tectonic magic robes set

3. Refined Anima Core of Seren Armour

The Refined Anima Core of Seren Armour is a tier 85 magic armour. It has +5 more magic style bonus than its regular counterpart, making it the third best magic armour in RS3. Beaten only by the tectonic and elite tectonic sets. The set has 100,000 charges, when these charges are used up, the armour will revert to its original, unrefined state.

How to Obtain Refined Seren Armour?

The Refined Anima Core of Seren Armour is an upgraded version of the Anima Core of Seren armour. To create the refined variant, players will need the regular version along with:

  • 2 Augmentor’s
  • 72 Divine Charges
  • 6 Zarosian Essence
  • 6 Zamorakian Essence
  • 6 Sliskean Essence
  • 6 Serenic Essence

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for refined seren set

4. Virtus Armour

The Virtus set is the best tier 80 magic armour in runescape right now and has been for a long time. It’s offensive stats are actually matched by the Anima Core of Seren robes set. However, Virtus benefits from additional life point and prayer bonuses, making it ever so slightly better.

How to Obtain the Virtus Set?

Virtus Armour pieces can be obtained by killing Nex. The boss drops armour pieces at a rate of 1/384, players also have the chance to obtain Torva and Pernix pieces from Nex. Which are the Melee and Range equivalents of Virtus.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for virtus robes

5. Anima Core of Seren Armour

The Anima Core of Seren set is the most powerful non-degradable armour set for magic in Runescape 3. With magic style bonus equal to that of Virtus this armour is usually preferred by players with a smaller budget. As seren is both cheaper to buy and maintain than Virtus, while still being at tier 80.

How to Obtain the Anima Core of Seren Armour?

To obtain the Anima Core of Seren Armour players must take part in the Heart of Gielinor, also known as, God Wars Dungeon 2. The pieces will be dropped in Dormant form and will need to be combined with the Crest of Seren to make the functional version of the armour. The Crest of Seren can be obtained from Helwyr.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for seren armour set

6. Subjugation Robe Armour

The Subjugation Robes are a tier 70 non-degradable magic armour. They are probably the best magic robes for mid-tier players. Due to their low requirements and relative inexpense when compared to some of the other armours on this list. The fact the robes do not degrade, and therefore have no repair costs associated with them is also a big benefit for mid-tier players.

How to obtain Subjugation Robes?

The Subjugation armour pieces are obtained by killing K’ril Tsutsaroth, in the God Wars Dungeon.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for subjugation robes set

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