RS3 Smithing Training Guide

Smithing is a skill in Runescape 3 that can be trained in both free-to-play worlds and pay-to-play worlds. As with most skills, it is always recommended to train in members worlds, due to the access to better methods. This RS3 Smithing guide will aim to explore the fastest methods used for 99 smithing. In addition to some impressive alternatives.

Fastest Smithing Training Methods

The fastest way to train your smithing level in Runescape 3 is to start out by completing the Knights Sword quest and then smith items with the highest tier bar available to you.

LevelsMethodExp/BarBars Required
90-99Elder Rune1,0007,688

Knight’s Sword: Levels 1-29

The fastest way to reach level 29 smithing is to complete the quest the “Knight’s Sword”. This will be something you will need to complete at some point anyway, so its best to get it out of the way during the early stages of your accounts progression. The quest is very short, easy to complete and available in free-to-play worlds.

Forging Items from Bars: Levels 29-99+

Since each bar gives the same amount of experience players can essentially create any type of item they want. The main difference in experience rates comes from creating items that require more bars. As this allows players to use more bars per action.

Because of this reason, forging platebodies is commonly used as the fastest smithing training method.

person smithing in rs3

Alternative Smithing Training Methods

Training Smithing can often be expensive and click intensive with the traditional fastest methods. Not all players enjoy this way of training or want to invest that heavily into the skill. Below are some strong alternative methods that you can use.

Protean Bars: Level 1-99+

Protean Bars are an untradeable reward from Treasure Hunter that can be used to gain Smithing Experience. 60 Bars can be made at once, this process takes around 4 minutes and 48 seconds to complete. Although relevant boosts and effects can speed this process up slightly.

Therefore, this method essentially provides a way to train the skill for free, with fast experience rates and low levels of attention. It is possible to get up to 450k smithing exp/hour at level 90 using protean bars, see a breakdown of the experience rates per level bracket below.

experience per hour using protean bars

Smelting Bars: Levels 1-99+

Smelting bars is significantly slower than most smithing methods. However, it benefits from being both an extremely afk training method and highly profitable. It is possible to go AFK for up to 145 seconds with the use of the Smelting Gauntlets, which are highly recommended, as they allow you to smelt up to 60 bars at once and send the bars straight to the metal bank once created.

Experience rates start at around 2k/hour with bronze bars, but scales up to 78k/hour with elder rune bars. Additionally, consistent profits of around 1-2m gp can be achieved on most bars, with the elder rune bars having hourly profits exceed 5-6m. Although, always check current grand exchange prices before investing in this method.

smelting bars exp per hour and profit

Corrupted Ore: Levels 89-99+

Players can smelt corrupted ores if they have obtained them from mining the Seren Stones in Prifddinas. This does however have a high requirement of 89 Smithing, as well as needing to have completed the Plague’s End quest for access to Prifddinas.

But, when using this method players can expect base smithing experience rates of around 240k/hour. However, with the Voice of Seren effect and use of urns, players can reach as high as 345k/hour. This is a good rate for an activity that is both low cost and has low-levels of attention required.

Significant Smithing Equipment

With the important smithing methodologies out of the way its time to take a closer look at the different equipment and items players can use to maximise smithing experience rates and create a more enjoyable levelling experience on the road to 99 and beyond.

Augmented Crystal Hammer rs3

Augmented Crystal Hammer

Players with an Invention level of 22 or higher have the ability to craft hammer-trons and can also enhance crystal hammers with augmentors, turning them into augmented crystal hammers. Augmented hammers can be outfitted with tool gizmos to bestow various perks.

To activate the hammers perks, the player’s charge pack must contain charges. Operating an augmented crystal hammer depletes up to 0.31 divine charges per second from the charge pack. However, this consumption rate can be lowered by investigating charge drain reduction upgrades or by equipping the hammer with the efficient perk. For recommended perks, refer to the list provided below.

Smelting Gauntlets

These gloves can be obtained after completing the Family Crest quest. When worn they will automatically send smelted bars to the Metal Bank. With the Make-X interface it is possible to send up to 60 bars to the metal bank using these gloves.

Speak to Avan Fitzharmon with family gauntlets after completion of the Family Crest quest to obtain the smelting gauntlets.

Smithing Autoheater

This item is worn in the pocket slot and bought from the Dungeoneering shop. To obtain players will need 4,000 dungeoneering tokens, along with level 35 smithing and dungeoneering. The item works by setting heat back to 30% when it reaches 0% while smithing, this costs 5 coal from the metal bank to do so.

There is also an Advanced Autoheater which can be bought at level 70 smithing and dungeoneering for 40,000 tokens. The advanced version automatically sets the heat back to 60% when reaching 0, however this costs 50 pieces of coal.

Blacksmith’s Outfit

The Blacksmith’s outfit provides up to 6% bonus experience for smithing when the full outfit is worn. Individual pieces are worth +1% bonus experience each, an additional +1% is provided when the full set is worn.

rs3 blacksmiths outfit

Torstol Incense Sticks

Up to +2% experience boost to smithing depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 Firemaking.

Inspire Genius

This is a relic that provides a 2% boost to smithing experience but requires level 118 Archaeology

Smithing Skill Cape and Master Cape

The Smithing Skill Cape requires a minimum of level 99 Smithing, while the Master Cape requires level 120 Smithing. It provides the effect of generating +5 base progress after an unfinished smithing item is reheated.