RS3 Best Ranged Armour

Ranged Armours are an important aspect of any high-level, PvM setup in Runescape 3. Knowing how to upgrade armours is important, as good ranged gear progression in Runescape 3 is essential. Amour sets can be both expensive an inexpensive depending on your tier. However, its always important to know which type is the best bang for your buck when trying to create the best RS3 ranged armour setup for yourself.

What are the Best RS3 Ranged Armours?

  • Elite Sirenic Armour
  • Sirenic Armour
  • Refined Anima Core of Zamorak Armour
  • Pernix Armour
  • Anima Core of Zamorak Armour

1. Elite Sirenic Armour

The Elite Sirenic Armour is a tier 92 ranged power armour, currently it is considered the best ranged armour set in Runescape 3. The set when worn offers the highest ranged attack bonus of any set in rs3 at a total of +91.

When bought or created, each item has 100,000 charges, when it is worn it becomes untradeable immediately even if no charges are used. Additionally, when the charges run out, the armour will degrade to dust. However, it can be repaired to prevent losing the armour pieces, to do this players will need elite sirenic repair patches.

How to obtain the Elite Sirenic Armour?

Elite Sirenic Armour can be obtained by upgrading regular sirenic armour pieces. To upgrade a full set you will need the following raw materials:

  • Sirenic Chaps, Hauberk and Mask
  • 840 Ancient Scales
  • 6 Algarum Thread
  • 10 Praesulic Essence
  • 5 Chaotic Spikes

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for elite sirenic

2. Sirenic Armour

The Sirenic Armour is the second best ranged armour in RS3, beaten only by the elite variant of Sirenic. This armour requires a minimum of level 90 ranged to equip and provides +87 ranged style attack bonus.

While only being 4 less ranged attack bonus, this armour is significantly cheaper than the elite version. Making it a viable option for players with low to medium sized banks. Until they amount a sizeable bank and wealth to maintain elite sirenic armour.

How to obtain the Sirenic Armour?

Sirenic Armour pieces are created with the crafting skill by combining Sirenic Scales and Algarum Thread. To create a full set of Sirenic amour the player will need 84 Sirenic Scales and 6 Algarum Thread. Additionally, to create it yourself you will need 93 crafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for sirenic ranged armour

3. Refined Anima Core of Zamorak Armour

The Refined Anima Core of Zamorak Armour is a tier 85 ranged power armour in Runescape 3. This armour set is an upgraded version of the original anima core of zamorak armour. The set provides ranged bonuses slightly higher than pernix but lower than Sirenic. Due to its 85 ranged requirement it is the best armour available for rangers at that level bracket, before moving on to pernix.

Unlike to regular variant of this armour, the refined version is degradeable and comes with 100,000 charges when new. However, it can only be repaired using the 4 types of essence required to create it, which can be seen listed below.

How to Obtain Refined Zamorak Armour?

The Refined Anima Core of Zamorak Armour is an upgraded version of the Anima Core of Zamorak armour. To create the refined variant, players will need the regular version along with:

  • 2 Augmentor’s
  • 72 Divine Charges
  • 6 Zarosian Essence
  • 6 Zamorakian Essence
  • 6 Sliskean Essence
  • 6 Serenic Essence

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for refined zamorak armour set

4. Pernix Armour

The Pernix Set is a tier 80 ranged armour, that requires both 80 ranged and constitution to use in combat. The armour excels in ranged attack bonus, with a total of +76.2, making it one of the best ranged power armours in the game.

How to Obtain the Pernix Set?

Pernix can be obtained by killing Nex, the God Wars Dungeon Boss found in the Zarosian Stronghold (Ancient Prison). Each piece drops at a rate of 1/384.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for pernix

5. Anima Core of Zamorak Armour

The Anima Core of Zamorak Armour is also a tier 80 ranged armour found in Runescape 3. In terms of its ranged damage and output, it is on par with the Pernix Set, providing +76.2 ranged bonus. However, this set does not have the additional prayer and lifepoint bonuses that Penix does.

Although, the Zamorak set is significantly cheaper to buy and maintain than Pernix, which is an important factor to consider. The set is the best non-degradable armour for ranged, meaning there are no repair charges associated with its use. It can also be upgraded to a refined version, which was previously noted in this list of the best rs3 ranged gear.

How to Obtain the Anima Core of Zamorak Armour?

To obtain the Anima Core of Zamorak Armour players must take part in the Heart of Gielinor, also known as, God Wars Dungeon 2.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for anima core of zamorak

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