RS3 Best Magic Boots

Magic Boots are an important aspect of any PvM setup, they can really make or break your magic gear progression in Runescape 3. While boots are relatively inexpensive, when compared to other item slots, its still important to maximise how and where you spend your money when creating the best magic setup for RS3.

What are the Best RS3 Magic Boots?

  • Enhanced Blast Diffusion Boots
  • Blast Diffusion Boots
  • Hailfire Boots
  • Virtus Boots
  • Boots of Subjugation

1. Enhanced Blast Diffusion Boots

The Enhanced Blast Diffusion Boots are currently the best rs3 magic boots available to players. They have the highest offensive magic bonus of any boot and require 90 defence to equip. Additionally, what makes this boot so impressive is its passive effect. The passive effect allows detonate to fully charge 33.33% faster than it would normally. One thing to note due to their high cost, is that these boots become permanently untradeable once worn, even if the player is to fully recharge the boot.

How to obtain the Enhanced Blast Diffusion Boots?

These boots are created by using a Shadow Spike on regular Blast Diffusion Boots. Both of these items can be obtained by killing Raksha, with the diffusion boots also being obtainable via Vile Blooms on Anachronia.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for enhanced diffusion boots

2. Blast Diffusion Boots

The regular Blast Diffusion Boots can be accessed at level 80 defence and are significantly less expensive than the enhanced variants. While they have lower magic bonus (12.7) than alternatives such as the hailfire boots, the diffusion boots are still among the best due to their passive effect of recharging detonate significantly faster. Their low requirement and inexpensive cost makes them a viable option for all mid to high level players.

How to Obtain the Blast Diffusion Boots?

Players can obtain the Blast Diffusion boots as a drop from Vile Blooms and Raksha. Both of these monsters can be found on Anachronia.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for blast diffusion boots

3. Hailfire Boots

The Hailfire Boots the highest magic style bonuses in the game, tied with the enhanced diffusion boots. However, unlike the diffusion boots, there are no passive effects for using these boots in combat. The Hailfire’s are a tier 90 boot and when new have a total of 100,000 charges. After using the boots, they will become permanently untradeable and degrade to ragefire boots after their charges deplete to 0.

How to obtain the Hailfire Boots?

To obtain the Hailfire Boots players must use two ragefire glands on a pair of ragefire boots. The ragefire boots can be acquired by killing Glacors, while the wing-tips can be obtained by killing Rune Dragons and monsters in the Shadow Reef.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for hailfire boots

4. Virtus Boots

The Virtus Boots are a tier 80 mage boot, requiring both 80 defence and constitution to equip. They are relatively inexpensive and come with a style bonus of +12.7 magic. They are degradable and hold up to a maximum of 60,000 charges.

The Virtus Boots are rarely used in combat by players, as better options exist. At the same tier players also have access to regular diffusion boots. Additionally, the boots of subjugation are available at tier 70 and do not degrade like the virtus boots, with only slightly lower magic bonus.

How to Obtain the Virtus Boots?

The Virtus Boots are dropped by the Nex boss, at a rate of 1/384.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for virtus boots

5. Boots of Subjugation

The Boots of Subjugation are the best non-degradable magic boots in runescape 3 and can be worn with just 70 defence. With a magic attack bonus of 11 and relatively inexpensive cost. This makes them an excellent choice for mid-level players progressing their account through those level brackets. In addition to not having to pay any repairs or general up-keep of the item.

How to Obtain the Boots of Subjugation?

Players can obtain the Boots of Subjugation by killing the Godwars Dungeon boss, K’ril Tsutsaroth.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for boots of subjugation

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