RS3 Best Melee Boots

Melee Boots are an important aspect of any high-level, PvM setup and knowing the correct melee gear progression in Runescape 3 is important to your overall account. While boots are relatively inexpensive, when compared to other item slots, its still important to maximise how and where you spend your money when creating the best melee setup for RS3.

What are the Best RS3 Melee Boots?

  • Enhanced Laceration Boots
  • Vestments of Havoc Boots
  • Laceration Boots
  • Trimmed Masterwork Boots
  • Emberkeen Boots

1. Enhanced Laceration Boots

The Enhanced Laceration Boots are a tier 90 melee boot in Runescape 3. Whilst they do not have the highest level requirements of melee boots, they are still often known as the best in slot melee boots. Mainly due to their impressive passive bonuses and effects.

For example, when worn they allow the user to use the bladed dive ability with any melee weapon. This therefore allows players to use this ability with some of the best two-handed melee weapons. Additionally, when used with halberd weapons such as the Noxious Scythe and others, the area of effect for bladed dive is increased to 5×5 radius.

How to obtain the Enhanced Laceration Boots?

To obtain the Enhanced Laceration Boots players must attach a shadow spike to regular laceration boots. The shadow spike can be obtained by defeating Raksha and the laceration boots can be obtained from high-level Dinosaurs found on Anachronia or Raksha.

Combat Stats

item stats for rs3 enhanced laceration boots

2. Vestments of Havoc Boots

The Vestments of Havoc Boots are among some of the best melee boots in runescape 3. Mainly due to the fact they have the highest strength bonus of any boots in the game. They are non-degradable, which is unlike most high-tier RS3 melee armour in runescape. Furthermore, this boot requires a minimum of level 95 defence to equip.

These boots make up part of the Vestments of Havoc armour set, which has a set effect as follows:

  • 2 Pieces: If a player casts any ultimate ability, they will regenerate 15% adrenaline over 18 seconds or if already active 20% will be regenerated instantly.
  • 3 Pieces: Berserk’s duration is increased by 10 game ticks (6 seconds).
  • 4 Pieces: Maximum adrenaline is increased by 20.

How to obtain the Vestments of Havoc Boots?

The Vestments of Havoc Boots are dropped exclusively from the Zamorak, Lord of Chaos boss. They can be received in both normal and hard mode, although hard mode is advisable due to better drop rates.

Combat Stats

item stats for rs3 vestments of havoc boots

3. Laceration Boots

The Laceration Boots are the weaker variant of the enhanced laceration boots. However, they are an extremely viable alternative until players can gain access to the enhanced version. Most notably due to their significantly lower cost and level requirements of only 80 defence.

Furthermore, these boots still benefit from the same passive abilities the enhanced versions have. The passive effect is often more significant than small increases in strength bonus seen from some rival boots.

How to Obtain the Laceration Boots?

To obtain the Laceration Boots players will need to kill high-level slayer dinosaurs on Anachronia or Raksha, the Shadow Colossus.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for laceration boots

4. Trimmed Masterwork Boots

The Trimmed Masterwork Boots are a part of the trimmed masterwork armour set. This is the best smithable melee boot outside of Daemonheim in runescape currently. Additionally, they come with 100,000 charges and the second highest strength bonus of any boot.

How to Obtain the Trimmed Masterwork Boots?

The Trimmed Masterwork Boots are an upgraded version of the Masterbook Boots. They can be created at level 99 smithing, if players have completed the “it should have been called aetherium” achievement. Players will need to take the regular masterwork boots along with a masterwork trim to the anvil to create them.

Combat Stats

item stats for trimmed masterwork boots in rs3

5. Emberkeen Boots

The Emberkeen Boots share identical stats to the regular Masterwork Boots, so this may be worth taking into consideration if they are available to you. However, this tier 90 melee boot is relatively strong and the upgraded version of the Steadfast Boots.

When created the boots will have 100,000 charges, they will become permanently untradeable once used in combat and revert to steadfast boots once fully degraded. However, players can use a steadfast scale to recharge the boots by up to 50%.

How to Obtain the Emberkeen Boots?

To obtain the Emberkeen Boots players will need to combine the Steadfast Boots with 2 Steadfast Scales. To acquire these items players will need to kill Glacors for the Steadfast Boots and Steadfast Scales can be acquired from Rune Dragons and monsters in the Temple of Aminishi.

Combat Stats

Emberkeen Boots rs3 item stats

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