RS3 Best Melee Armour

Melee Armours are an important aspect of any high-level, PvM setup in Runescape 3, knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and it’s melee gear progression. Amour sets can be both expensive an inexpensive depending on your tier. However, its always important to know which type is the best bang for your buck when trying to create the best RS3 melee armour setup for yourself.

What are the Best RS3 Melee Armours?

  • Vestments of Havoc
  • Trimmed Masterwork Armour
  • Masterwork Armour
  • Malevolent Armour
  • Torva Armour

1. Vestments of Havoc

The Vestments of Havoc is a tier 95 set of melee power armour and is best in slot for all things related to melee combat. While this armour is classified as tier 95, it actually has a damage tier of 115, with armour bonuses more aligned with tier 75. Furthermore, the armour does not degrade with use, which is very uncommon among high level armours in Runescape.

Additionally, this set features the highest strength bonus of any armour currently in the game and features a unique passive set effect that is as follows:

  • 2 Pieces: If a player casts any ultimate ability, they will regenerate 15% adrenaline over 18 seconds or if already active 20% will be regenerated instantly.
  • 3 Pieces: Berserk’s duration is increased by 10 game ticks (6 seconds).
  • 4 Pieces: Maximum adrenaline is increased by 20.

How to obtain the Vestments of Havoc?

The Vestments of Havoc armour set is dropped exclusively from the Zamorak, Lord of Chaos boss. Items from the set can be received in both normal and hard mode, although hard mode is advisable due to better drop rates.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for vestments of havoc set

2. Trimmed Masterwork Armour

The Trimmed Masterwork Armour is a tier 92, degradable armour set for melee in Runescape. This is the second best melee armour in rs3, beaten only by the vestments of havoc. Features of the set include the second highest melee attack bonus of any armour in the game and a useful set effect.

The set effect reduces incoming damage to the player depending on the amount of trimmed masterwork armour items that are equipped. When 3, 4 or 5 pieces are worn, damage is reduced by 30, 40 and 50%. The remaining damage from this is applied as a bleed that hits 5 times. This deals 20% of the stored damage per hit every 2 game ticks until depleted.

How to obtain the Trimmed Masterwork Armour?

The Trimmed Masterwork Armour is an upgraded version of the regular Masterwork armour. They can be created at level 99 smithing, if players have completed the “it should have been called aetherium” achievement. Players will need to take the regular masterwork armour and masterwork trim’s to the anvil to create them. The amount of trims required for each piece varies, with 1 trim for the melee boots and up to 5 for the platebody.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for trimmed masterwork armour

3. Masterwork Armour

The Masterwork Armour is the second strongest melee armour that can be smithed, behind the trimmed version. Featuring impressive melee attack bonuses of +87 for the helm, top and legs or +116 with the boots and gloves.

This melee armour is the best for people who can not yet get the trimmed version or the havoc set. As it offers all the bonuses of tier 90 armour at an affordable price. Out-competing alternatives such as Malevolent or the refined core of zaros armour.

How to Obtain the Masterwork Armour?

After completion of the achievement “It Should Have Been Called Aetherium” and 99 smithing, players can create this armour. The raw materials required to create the entire set include:

  • 12 Leather
  • 12 Steel Bars
  • 12 Glorious Bars

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for masterwork armour

4. Malevolent Armour

The Malevolent Armour is the melee equivalent of the Tectonic and Sirenic armours. This tier 90 melee armour offers some strong offensive bonuses to melee. However, its viability in Runescape has decreased with the release of Masterwork and Havoc sets. As this armour comes with 100,000 charges, but when it degrades to 0 the armour will vanish into dust. Therefore, due to its expensive cost the armour is largely not worth buying, due to more cost efficient and stronger alternatives.

How to Obtain the Malevolent Armour?

The Malevolent Armour is obtained from Barrows – Rise of the Six. Players will need to complete this activity to receive malevolent energy, which can then be combined with reinforcing plates to form pieces of Malevolent armour.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for Malevolent Armour

5. Torva Armour

The Torva Armour set is the best tier 80 melee set available to players right now. However, it is closely matched to the Anima core of Zaros armour, which is one of the best rs3 non-degradable armours. What makes Torva slightly better than the Zaros armour is the additional prayer and life point bonuses associated with the set.

How to Obtain Torva?

To obtain Torva Armour players will need to kill Nex. This boss will drop each individual piece at a rate of 1/384.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for torva

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