RS3 Best Magic Weapons

Magic Weapons are an important aspect of any high-level PvM setup in Runescape 3, knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and its magic gear progression. Upgrades can be expensive, therefore, knowing where to dedicate your money to can be important to create the best rs3 magic setup.

What are the Best RS3 Magic Weapons?

  • Fractured Staff of Armadyl
  • Staff of Sliske
  • Wand of the Praesul
  • Noxious staff
  • Seismic Wand
  • Elite Seasinger

1. Fractured Staff of Armadyl

The Fractured Staff of Armadyl (FSOA) is a two handed level 95 magic weapon. It is well known as the best in slot magic weapon in Runescape 3. Not only is this weapon the highest source of magic damage output and strength, but it also provides an impressive special attack.

This staff has a total of 60,000 charges before it is degraded to a broken state. The broken version can be repaired at a repair NPC, Whetstone or armour stand for 4,800,000 or less depending on how many charges remain.

How to obtain the FSoA?

The Fractured Staff of Armadyl can be obtained by killing Kerapac, the bound in hard mode. Players will need to obtain three fractured pieces – the stabilisation gew, the shaft and the armadyl symbol. With 95 crafting, the three components can be combined to create the staff.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for fractured staff of armadyl

2. Staff of Sliske

The Staff of Sliske is an impressive magical weapon in RS3. This weapon is tier 92, has an accuracy of 2577, attack speed of 8 and damage ability of 1324.8. Prior to the Fractured Staff of Armadyl this is the best two-handed magic weapon available in the game.

How to obtain the Staff of Sliske?

Players who kill Telos to obtain an orb of corrupted anima, orb of pure anima and orb of volcanic anima with a dormant Staff of Sliske can combine the four components to create the Staff of Sliske. Once combined the staff with hold a total of 60,000 charges.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for staff of sliske

3. Wand of the Praesul

The Wand of the Praesul is currently the best in slot one handed magic weapon in RS3. The weapon requires a minimum of level 92 magic to equip and attacks at a speed of 4 ticks per cast. This also makes it the strongest 4-tick magic weapon in the game. When new the weapon will be fully charged at 60,000 charges.

How to Obtain the Praesul Wand?

The Praesul Wand can only be obtained by killing Nex: Angel of Death. Nex also drops the Imperium Core, which is the best in slot magic off-hand. The two should be used in combination for the maximum magic damage.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for wand of praesul

4. Noxious staff

The Noxious Staff is the best mage weapon available at tier 90. It offers impressive damage and accuracy to magic damage until the player can upgrade to the Staff of Sliske or Fractured Staff of Armadyl. Additionally, it has a useful special attack that will summons a mirrorback spider which reduces and reflects damage for ten seconds.

How to Obtain the Noxious Staff?

The Noxious Staff can be obtained by defeating Araxxor and Araxxi. Players will need to kill this boss until they receive the Spider Leg and Araxxi’s eye, the two can be combined to create the staff at level 90 Crafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for noxious staff

5. Seismic Wand

The Seismic Wand is the second strongest magic wand in Runescape 3, beaten only by the Wand of Praesul. The Seismic Wand is significantly cheaper that the Praesul on the surface. However, operational costs are slightly more expensive with the Seismic Wand. As both wands cost the same to repair, but the Seismic Wand holds a maximum of 30,000 charges as opposed to the Praesul’s 60,000.

How to Obtain the Seismic Wand?

To Obtain the Seismic Wand, players will need to kill Vorago, this is the only monster in RS3 to drop the wand. Alternatively, as with all items on this list the weapon can be obtained via the Grand Exchange.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for seismic wand

6. Elite Seasinger

The Elite Seasinger is a one-handed magic weapon that requires level 88 magic in RS3. The weapon is only slightly weaker than the Praesul or Seismic Wands, but at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use this as your magic wand until you have amounted a sizeable bank to allow for minor upgrades.

How to Obtain the Elite Seasinger?

The Elite Seasinger is an upgraded version of the Seasinger Kiba. To upgrade to the elite seasinger, the player will need 10 chi, 1 seasinger weapon upgrade kit, 1 seasinger kiba, all four parts of the “seasinger wand/orb” eastern scroll and level 92 runecrafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for the elite seasinger wand

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