RS3 Best Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are an important aspect of any high-level, PvM setup in Runescape 3, knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and its RS3 melee gear progression. Upgrades can be expensive, therefore, knowing where to dedicate your money to can be important to create the best rs3 melee setup.

What are the Best RS3 Melee Weapons?

  • Ek-ZekKil
  • Dark Shard of Leng & Dark Silver of Leng
  • Masterwork Spear of Annihilation
  • Zaros Godsword
  • Abyssal Scourge
  • Noxious Scythe

1. Ek-ZekKil

The Ek-ZekKil is currently the best in slot RS3 melee weapon. It is strong and hard hitting, with some of the best melee damage available in the game right now. Additionally, the weapon boasts an impressive special attack named the “igneous cleave”.

This special attack, when used, will cause the player to cleave at their opponent for 62-190% ability damage. A bleed of 6 hits will then begin, with the first hit dealing 30-105% ability damage. Subsequent attacks will deal a multiplicative 5% increased damage. Each of these hits land 4 game ticks after the previous.

To break this down into an easy to understand figure – the initial hit combined with the additional 6 hits does a total of 266-904% ability damage to the opponent.

How to obtain the Ek-ZekKil?

To obtain the Ek-ZekKil players will need to defeat TzKal-Zuk in Hard Mode, until they receive an obsidian blade, magma core and ancient hilt. When all three of these components have been received, they can be combined to create the weapon.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for ek-zekkil

2. Dark Shard of Leng & Dark Silver of Leng

The Dark Shard of Leng is the best one-handed melee weapon in RS3. When paired with the Dark Silver of Leng, it then becomes the best dual wield melee weapon in the game.

The Dark Shard of Leng has a special attack called “Icy Tempest”. When used, the player will receive a 30% increase to their damage cap. When both items are used as a dual-wield the player will also be able to use the Hurricane ability.

How to obtain the Leng?

To create the Dark Shard of Leng players must upgrade the Dark Ice Shard. To do this players must collect the Frozen core of leng, 10 Dark Nilas and 7,500 Glacor Remnants, all of which can be obtained by killing the Arch-Glacor. All of these materials can then be used on the Dark Ice Shard to form the Dark Shard of Leng.

To create the Dark Silver of Leng players must upgrade the Dark Ice Silver. The process and required materials is the same as for the Shard. With the only exception being that the materials are now used on the Dark Ice Silver as opposed to the Dark Ice Shard.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for the dual wield leng

3. Masterwork Spear of Annihilation

The Masterwork Spear of Annihilation is a tier 92 melee weapon. Since this is the best spear in runescape 3 it is best in slot at places such as the Corporeal Beast. Furthermore, the weapon increases the duration of melee bleeds by 50%. Which is particularly useful when using abilities such as slaughter, dismember and blood tendrils, all of which gain 2 additional hits. Additionally, 3 hits are added to the Zekkil special attack and the essence of finality ability.

The weapon has 60,000 charges and will need to be repaired with glorious bars, unless the player has augmented the weapon.

How to Obtain the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation?

The Masterwork Spear of Annihilation can be created by upgrading the original Spear of Annihilation at an Imcando anvil with level 99 smithing and 3,000 progress. Due to high requirements to make this weapon it can also be bought directly from the Grand Exchange or other players, as with most items on this list.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for the mw spear of annihilation

4. Zaros Godsword

The Zaros Godsword is one of the best two-handed weapons for melee in RS3. Requiring level 92 attack to wield it is tied with the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation as the second strongest two-handed melee weapon in the game.

This weapon features a powerful special attack named “blackhole” whereby a black hole is summoned over the players position for 20 seconds. During this time, melee damaged is increased by 25% and if the enemy moves into the black hole, it will take 25-50% ability damage every 3 game ticks.

How to Obtain the Zaros Godsword?

The Zaros Godsword is obtained by defeating Telos. Players will need to kill the boss to receive a Dormant Zaros Godsword, orb of pure anima, orb of volcanic anima and orb of corrupted anima. Combining the raw materials to create the Godsword requires a minimum of level 92 crafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for zaros godsword

5. Abyssal Scourge

The Abyssal Scourge is a one-handed melee weapon that requires 92 attack to wield. It is one of the best slash weapons in rs3, beaten only by the Dark Shard of Leng.

The weapon features a passive effect, whereby on every hit, a stack of abyssal parasite will target the enemy. This deals 18-31 bleed damage per stack, every 3 game ticks. This is up to a maximum of 50 stacks on one target and the bleed will last for 9 seconds in total, however, each whip hit will refresh this duration.

How to Obtain the Abyssal Scourge?

The Abyssal Scourge can be obtained as a rare drop from Abyssal Lords. The player will need a level of 115 slayer to attack these monsters.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for abyssal scourge

6. Noxious Scythe

The Noxious Scythe may be last on this list but it still has its rightful place in Runescape 3. As the Scythe is the best area-of-effect melee weapon in the game right now, with the same attack range and mechanics as a traditional halberd has.

Furthermore, similar to the other Noxious weapons, this item features the “mirrorback” special attack. Which will allow the player to summon a mirrorback spider for ten seconds which will reduce and reflect 50% of incoming damage.

How to Obtain the Noxious Scythe?

Obtaining the Noxious Scythe can be done by killing Araxxor and Araxxi to obtain the spider leg and Araxxi’s Fang. With one of each, the two can be combined to create the Scythe, providing the player has a minimum of level 90 crafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for noxious scythe

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