RS3 Best Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons are an important aspect of any high-level PvM setup in Runescape 3, knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and its range gear progression. Upgrades can be expensive, therefore, knowing where to dedicate your money to can be important to create the best rs3 ranged setup.

What are the Best RS3 Ranged Weapons?

  • Bow of the Last Guardian
  • Seren Godbow
  • Eldritch Crossbow
  • Noxious Longbow
  • Upgraded Bone Blowpipe
  • Wyvern Crossbow

1. Bow of the Last Guardian

The Bow of the Last Guardian (BoLG) is a tier 95, two-handed shortbow. Currently the BoLG is the best in slot ranged weapon for RS3. This weapon features a passive effect, whereby every 8 attacks an additional hit will be dealt. The bows special attack can be used to reduce the number of attacks to activate the passive effect from 8 to 4.

This range weapon features an attack speed of 6, attack range of 9 squares and when fully charged can hold up to 60,000 charges.

How to obtain the BoLG?

To create and obtain the Bow of the Last Guardian, players will need to kill the Zamorak, Lord of Chaos boss in Runescape 3. Three items must be acquired from the boss – a divine bowstring, along with the top and bottom of the last guardian’s bow. These can then be combined to create the bow with level 95 fletching.

Combat Stats

bow of the last guardian rs3 item stats

2. Seren Godbow

The Seren Godbow is a tier 92, two-handed ranged weapon in Runescape 3. It is the second best ranged weapon in the game, beaten only by the Bow of the Last Guardian. However, the bow features an impressive special attack that deals damage depending on the targets size in game squares. The special attack is particularly effective against large monsters such as Araxxi, Raksha, Yakamaru, Dragonkin Laboratory, Temple of Aminishi and Arch-Glacor.

This weapon also has an attack range of 9 squares and supplies its own ammunition. Despite using its own ammunition, this weapon can still benefit from the effects of bane ammunition and black stone arrows.

How to obtain the Seren Godbow?

To create the Seren Godbow players will need to combine a dormant Seren Godbow with an orb of pure anima, orb of corrupted anima and an orb of volcanic anima. This process requires level 92 crafting and the items required are all exclusively obtainable from killing Telos.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for seren godbow

3. Eldritch Crossbow

The Eldritch Crossbow is the strongest crossbow currently available in Runescape 3, requiring level 92 ranged to equip. However, unlike many traditional crossbows, this weapon is two-handed. Meaning there are still better options available for two-handed ranged weapons, such as the two noted above.

This weapon has a unique special attack called “Split Soul”, which when activated causes the soul split curse to damage the players target for 4 times the amount of the life points it would have healed the player. This cancels soul splits original use, so the player will not receive any of the healing traditionally associated with the curses use for that specific attack.

How to Obtain the Eldritch Crossbow?

The Eldritch Crossbow can be obtained by completing the Shadow Reef. The Shadow Reef is the third elite dungeon, players will need to obtain three components; the stock, limbs and mechanism to be combined to make the crossbow, all of which are dropped by the Ambassador. The process also requires level 96 Fletching.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for eldritch crossbow

4. Noxious Longbow

The Noxious Longbow is a level 90 ranged weapon which is capable of firing standard arrows up to araxyte arrows. This is one of the best range weapons to use at tier 90 and remains a viable option beyond that due to affordability.

Furthermore, the weapon features the “mirrorback” special attack, which summons a mirrorback spider which will reduce and reflect damage by 50% for ten seconds. For instance, if the player was to receive 1,000 damage, the damage is split as 500 to the player and 500 to the spider. The spider has a total of 10,000 life points or will disappear in ten seconds if not killed during that time period.

How to Obtain the Noxious Longbow?

The Noxious Longbow can be obtained by killing Araxxor. Players will need to defeat the boss to recieve a spider leg and Araxxi’s Web. The two items can then be combined to create the Noxious Longbow with a minimum of level 90 crafting.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for the noxious longbow

5. Upgraded Bone Blowpipe

The Upgraded Bone Blowpipe is a tier 87, two-handed thrown ranged weapon. While the level requirement for this weapon is 87, the tier itself is split into 85 damage and 90 accuracy. The weapon supplies its own ammunition, which is capable of dealing poison damage. Additionally, its passive effect allows poison damage to occur twice as often, but for half of the damage.

How to Obtain the Upgraded Bone Blowpipe?

Level 87 Fletching and Crafting are required to create the Upgraded Bone Blowpipe. The materials required include the Blowpipe Chitin, Blowpipe Feather and Blowpipe fins, all of which can be obtained from the Dinosaurs of Anachronia. Once you have these materials you can combine them with the regular Bone Blowpipe to create the upgraded version.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for upgraded bone blowpipe

6. Wyvern Crossbow

The Wyvern Crossbow is a two-handed ranged crossbow, requiring level 85 ranged to equip. It is the second strongest crossbow currently in the game and one of the best weapons at level 85 range.

Furthermore, this weapon benefits from a passive effect, which sees damage increase the longer the weapon is in combat against a specific target. This damage appears as a poison hit splat during combat, as such, monsters that are immune to poison are also immune to the crossbows passive effect.

How to Obtain the Wyvern Crossbow?

The Wyvern Crossbow can be obtained by killing Wyverns. There is a 1/2,000 chance of receiving the crossbow when on a slayer task assignment or 1/10,000 off-task.

Combat Stats

rs3 item stats for wyvern crossbow

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