RS3 Hunter Training Guide

Hunter is a pay-to-play skill, so can only be trained and used in the members worlds of Runescape 3. The objective of the skill is to hunt and catch specific creatures for rewards and experience, it is therefore a gathering skill. This guide will show you some of the best and most popular hunter training methods in rs3.

Fastest Hunter Training Methods

When training any skill in RS3 we would always recommend using the fastest available training methods. For a number of reasons, but mainly because it saves you significant time, allowing you to dedicate more time to parts of the game you truly enjoy. Below is an optimal route to 99 hunter and beyond.

LevelsHunter ActivityBase Hunter Experience/Hour
1-19/30Plain Whirligigs12,000
19-30Tropical Wagtails40,000
30-50Gliding Whirligigs95,000 – 120,000
50-80Swift Whirligigs190,000+
75-99+Big Game Hunter90,000 – 400,000
80-96/99+Jadinkos on Anachronia60,000 – 120,000
Up to 190,000 – 380,000
88-96/99+Charming Moths180,000 – 240,000
Up to 900,000
96-99+Ornate Tortles280,000 – 420,000
Or 500,000+ with Contracts

Plain Whirligigs: Levels 1-19/30

plain whirligigs hunter rs3

At level 1 players can start hunter by hunting plain whirligigs at Het’s Oasis. It is advised that players use the south-east pond, as the environment there is more minimalistic, with less tree’s that can get in the way of your clicks. Additionally, players may find training on mobile easier for this method, for similar reasons.

Experience rates for this method are around 12,000 hunter xp per hour.

If you intend on catching different tiers of Whirligigs in the future, then you may want to stay with this method until level 30. As it starts the process of unlocking Dundee’s Crocodile upgrades, which will significantly increase your experience rates from Whirligigs. The number of Whirligigs caught correlates to the type of upgrades you can unlock.

Tropical Wagtails: Levels 19-30

From level 19 Hunter, players can begin to hunt the Tropical Wagtails. The best place to hunt these birds are slightly west of the Og’log Lodestone.

Experience rates start at 40,000 hunter experience per hour. This scales to around 60,000 exp/hour at level 30 or 90,000 exp/hour at level 60 when players can use 4 traps. It is possible to continue with this method beyond level 30, although for the best experience rates its better to switch to Gliding Whirligigs.

Gliding Whirligigs: Levels 30-50

Gliding Whirligigs

At level 30 hunter, players should catch Gliding Whirligigs at Het’s Oasis. Using this method players can expect to get around 90,000 to 100,000 hunter experience per hour. However, there is an experience increase perk unlocked when 1,500 Whirligigs have been caught, boosting hourly hunter exp to around 120,000.

Players should use this method until level 50, when they can move on to Swift Whirligigs.

Swift Whirligigs: Levels 50-80

At level 50 hunter, players can move on to hunting Swift Whirligigs, in the same location, at Het’s Oasis. Using this training method should provide players with around 190,000 hunter exp/hour. However, there is an unlock at 3,000 Whirligigs caught that increases the stack limit of the crocodiles from 3 to 5 whirligigs. This drastically increases experience rates to around 300,000 hunter exp/hour.

Big Game Hunter: Levels 75-99+

big game hunter rs3

At level 75 hunter and onwards, players will gain access to Big Game Hunter, providing you also have a minimum of level 55 slayer. The activity is located on Anachronia and players will start by hunting Arcane Apoterrasaur.

Experience rates vary greatly with this method. Although, players should expect to gain between 90,000 and 400,000 base hunter experience with big game hunter. This varies widely depending on the tier of dinosaur that is being hunter. This method also benefits from being the most profitable hunting method in the game. It offers reward chests similar to those seen in high-level bossing, in addition to the chance to receive valuable unique rewards such as the Dragon Mattock or Terrasaur maul pieces.

Since the dinosaurs must be killed, a small amount of slayer experience is always rewarded with each kill. Each kill takes between 2 and 5 minutes and each dino can be killed a minimum of 5 times, before it enters a 1 hour cooldown in which it can not be killed.

Jadinkos on Anachronia: Levels 80-96/99+

Jadinkos on Anachronia become a viable hunter training method from level 80 onwards. Marasamaw plants are used as a form of trapping the Jadinkos and experience rates can vary widely with this method. Base hunter experience rates for common jadinkos starts at 60,000 hunter xp/hour, carrion jadinkos are around 190,000 hunter xp/hour. However, if the player is to use Protean Traps for Carrion Jadinkos then they can expect around 900,000 to 1 million hunter xp/hour. Although no drops will be received as a trade-off for some of the fastest hunter experience around.

charming moth rs3

Charming Moths: Levels 88-96/99+

At level 88, players have the option of catching charming moths, providing they also have a minimum agility level of 83. These moths can be found on the eastern coast of the Wilderness, near Daemonheim and are caught bare-handed.

Experience rates start between 180,000 and 240,000 base hunter exp/hour if no additional items are brought with the player. However, this method can be boosted significantly with the use of catch and exp boosting items. For example players gain 40% additional hunter experience with a demonic skull equipped. With all relevant boosts it is possible to gain up to 900,000 hunter experience per hour.

Ornate Tortles: Levels 96-99+

At level 96 Hunter, players can begin hunting the Ornate Tortles, that are found on Uncharted Isles in the Arc region. To access this, players are required to complete the Impressing the Locals quest. For efficient hunting it is also recommended that players complete the Flag fall miniquest.

Every day the player can deplete one colony of Ornate Tortles, which takes approximately 30 minutes and grants around 145,000 hunter experience. This means that the theoretically hourly experience rates for this method amount to 290,000 base hunter exp/hour.

However, this can be scaled up significantly higher with the use of experience boosting equipment, to around 420,000 hunter exp/hour. The use of contracts can see this rate reach around the 500,000 exp/hour mark.

Alternative Hunter Training Methods

Understandably, not everyone wants to follow the traditional norms when it comes to levelling up their hunter in Runescape 3. For a number of reasons, including the intensity of methods, additional requirements or profitability. Below are some reasonable alternatives to training the hunter skill in RS3.

Chinchompas / Skillchompas: Levels 53-80+

rs3 chinchompa

At level 53, with use of box traps, players are able to hunt chinchompas and viridian skillchompas. This method provides around 50,000 to 70,000 base hunter experience per hour at level 53. However, this scales up to 60,000 to 80,000 exp/hour at level 60, when players can use four box traps at once. When a player catches a chinchompa it will always be in a stackable form, making the method very relaxing as no banking or dropping is required. To hunt chinchompas players must go to the Piscatoris Hunter Area.

For similar hunter experience rates players can move to the Feldip Hunter Area and catch carnivorous chinchompas at level 63 hunter. Then at level 68 hunter, players can start catching azure skillchompas in the Rellekka Hunter area.

Red Salamanders: Level 59-67

red salamander rs3

At level 59 hunter, players can use net traps to capture Red Salamanders. This will provide between 65,000 and 80,000 experience per hour, beyond level 60 when the player has access to 4 traps. If starting at level 59 without any stat boosting and only using 3 traps, then expect around 60,000 exp/hour.

Players can hunt these Salamanders at the Ourania Hunter area, located west of the Battlefield of Khazard. An Ourania Teleport via the Lunar spellbook is the fastest method of transportation to the area.

Black Salamanders: Level 67+

Black Salamander rs3

At level 67 hunter players can catch black salamanders in the wilderness, at the boneyard hunter area. Both a small fishing net and rope is required for each trap, with up to 4 traps being used at once.

Expect between 110,000 and 185,000 hunter experience per hour hunting black salamanders.

Grenwalls (With Crystallise): Levels 77+

grenwall rs3

At level 77 players can hunt Grenwalls with Box Traps. However, you will need access to Isafdar, which requires completion of the Regicide quest. Additionally, the method is only viable when using Crystallise and Light Form, which requires completion of the Light Within quest, 88 Magic and 80 Prayer. Casting Crystallise will provide a 10% additional experience boost or 20% when using the light form prayer.

Grenwalls can be found at the area south of the Elf camp, on the island of Anachronia or at Gorago’s resource dungeon. Gorago’s area has steeper requirements, with 95 Dungeoneering and access to Prifddinas needed.

From level 77 to 99 hunter expect anywhere between 70,000 and 180,000 base hunter experience per hour. However, you can easily reach close to 550,000 hunter exp/hour with the best setups for increasing experience and catch rates.

Hunter Equipment

Hunter SkillcapeAllows players to instantly set traps when worn and activated.
Hunter’s Outfit+6% bonus experience to hunter when full set is worn or +1% per individual item worn.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to hunter depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 firemaking to use.
Inspire EffortPlayers with level 117 Archaeology can use Inspire Effort relic power to provide a 2% experience boost to hunter.