RS3 Crafting Training Guide

Crafting is one of the many skills that make up the core gameplay of Runescape 3. It can be trained in both F2P and P2P, although P2P methods are always advised. As such this RS3 Crafting Training Guide will focus on pay-to-play methods and predominantly focus on the fastest methods used to reach level 99 or 120. However, we will also include some alternatives training methods for those who prefer AFK or cheaper options.

Fastest Crafting Training Methods

Below is the fastest and most optimal methods to use to reach level 99 crafting and beyond in Runescape 3. If players want to minimised the amount of time spent training this skill then they should definitely opt for this route. Although, it is worth noting, crafting is a buyable skill so this route can be expensive.

Cutting Gems: Levels 1-55+

If making money is of no concern to you then crafting can be an incredibly simple skill to train. As cutting gems is the only activity you will need to do for the best experience rates at any level. The only thing that will change is what type of gem you need to be cutting depending on your level.

At level 1 players start out with Opal Gems, all the way up to Hydrix Gems at Level 79. Although, the expense of cutting Onyx or Hydrix gems is normally not worth doing, even for the richest of players. Many opt to continue with Dragonstone’s all the way to 99 and beyond, as the losses are far easier to manage.

Hourly crafting experience rates start at 60k per hour and scale as high as 790k per hour with Hydrix, making crafting a very fast skill to train. Below you can see the hourly experience rates for cutting gems in RS3.

runescape 3 cutting gems exp per hour

Alternative Crafting Training Methods

As we’ve already mentioned, crafting is a buyable skill for the most part and using training methods like cutting gems can be very expensive in the long-run. So, we’ve prepared a list of viable alternatives, some that are significantly cheaper and some that are great AFK training methods in RS3.

Blowing Glass: Levels 1-46+

Molten Glass can be used with a glassblowing pipe for various types of crafting training methods. It is realistically only advised for normal players to do with between levels 1-30, if at all. However, it is possible to get experience rates as high as 120,000 crafting per hour at level 46 with glassblowing orbs.

rs3 glassblowing

It’s worth noting that Glassblowing can be an important and viable crafting training method for ironmen. As orbs are a requirement for the next training method (battlestaves) which is a good way of training the skill for ironmen. Additionally, these battlestaves can be high-alched which is a good source of gold for ironmen.

Battlestaves: Levels 54+

Battlestaves offer moderate levels of crafting experience per hour, starting at 220k/hour and scaling a little over 300k/hour. This is a relatively fast crafting training method in RS3, that can be done for very cheap. Players will often find they can make a bit of profit with this method, depending on current Grand Exchange prices.

However, one thing players need to consider is there is a Grand Exchange buy limit of 1,000 battlestaves every four hours. So to do this method consistently, players will need to either stock-pile regular battlestaves or ask other players to buy them and trade them to the player for training. As it is possible to create a total of 2,600 elemental staves per hour, when training efficiently.

rs3 battlestaves training method experience per hour

Crafting Dragonhide Armour: Levels 63+

Dragonhide armour is still a relatively expensive way to train crafting, but experience rates can be comparable to cutting gems. Additionally, the expense of training with this method is still significantly lower than gem cutting, for the majority of dragonhide armours anyway.

It is even possible to profit with some of the higher tier dragonhide armours, particularly black dragonhide, of which will make up the most of the training. But, its always essential to check the prices for this on the Grand Exchange.

Experience rates start at around 300k crafting exp per hour with green dragonhide bodies. This scales as high as 550,000 crafting experience per hour with black dragonhide shields. These shields can be crafted with a minimum of level 85 crafting.

crafting experience per hour for dragonhide armours

Prifddinas Harps: Levels 75+

Players can play the Harps found in Prifddinas’ Ithell district. Expect experience rates of around 50,000 crafting experience per hour. While this is considerably lower than other alternatives, this method is favoured because it is extremely low effort and very little attention is required.

Players will also benefit from a small amount of construction experience and harmonic dust which can be used for crystal tools and equipment. This method does however require access to Prifddinas via completion of the Plague’s End quest and level 75 Crafting.

crafting harp

Useful Crafting Equipment

With the important crafting methodologies out of the way its time to take a closer look at the different equipment and items players can use to maximise crafting experience rates and create a more enjoyable levelling experience with.

artisans outfit exp boost

Artisan’s Outfit

The Artisan’s Outfit can be used to provide up to a 6% crafting bonus experience increase. Each item in the set provides a +1%, with an additional +1% bonus when wearing the full set. The outfit can be bought for a total of 500 Stealing Creation Points.

Additionally, players can upgrade the Artisan’s Bandana to a Modified Artisan’s Bandana. This requires an additional 100 Stealing Creation points. The benefit of this is that the modified Bandana provides a 5% chance to save a piece of leather per item crafted.

The Tool Belt

The Tool Belt can be used to store various tools used for crafting including the following items:

  • Chisel
  • Needle
  • Most types of Moulds.
  • Glassblowing Pipe

There are no requirements for the Tool Belt, all players have one. The benefit of it, is it allows players to free up inventory space by having these items already stored, ready to use at any time.

Crafting Skill Cape & Master Cape

The Crafting Skill Cape can be obtained at level 99 Crafting, while the Master Cape requires 120 Crafting. The Capes provide unlimited thread and removes the need for thread while crafting items made of leather. It also provides a 0.75% chance of cutting all the gems of one type in the players inventory in one action.

Portable Crafter

The Portable Crafter is a portable skilling station that is obtained from Treasure Hunter or Portable Skilling Packs. When used it provides the following benefits:

  • 10% increased base crafting experience
  • 10% chance to save hide or clay per item
  • 5% chance to save gem each craft (with the exception of Onyx and Hydrix)
  • Portable Crafter can be placed anywhere. This makes banking exceptionally fast when placed in close proximity to a bank.

The effects of the Portable Crafter can be doubled with the use of a Brooch of the Gods.

Scroll Of Dexterity

Scroll of Dexterity holds a passive ability to save one material when crafting items that require three or more of the same material. To obtain it players will need 60 Crafting, 60 Dungeoneering and 20,000 Dungeoneering Tokens.

Torstol Incense Sticks

Up to +2% experience boost to crafting depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 Firemaking.

Sacred Clay Needle

Required 20 stealing creation points to obtain this item. When used it will provide the player with 24,450 bonus experience in crafting.

artificer's measure

Artificer’s Measure

Skilling off-hand that requires at least 99 Crafting, 102 Archaeology and 40 Dungeoneering. This off-hand provides a range of perks including:

  • Chance to activate scroll of dexterity is multiplied by 1.25. If it does activate the player will benefit from the “Artificer’s Focus” which provides 0.5% experience to Crafting and Construction. This can stack to a maximum of +5% bonus for up to 5 minutes.
  • 5% chance that items made when glassblowing or creating urns will be duplicated. If the inventory is full then they will be automatically placed in the players bank.