RS3 Fastest Skills to 99

Training skills in Runescape 3 is one of the core elements of the game and something the game is centred around. To create the best account and progress to end-game content, training skills to 99 is something you’ll need and want to do. However, not all skills are trained at the same speed, some are faster than others. In this guide we will highlight the fastest skills to reach 99 in for Runescape 3.

What are the Fastest Skills to 99 in Runescape 3?

  1. Herblore
  2. Fletching
  3. Construction
  4. Prayer
  5. Firemaking

#1 Herblore

herblore skill icon

Herblore is the fastest skill in our top 5 fastest rs3 skills to level 99. This skill is also extremely important for account progression as it provides access to the Overload potion at level 96. Which is a highly useful potion for PvM, but can not be traded or bought.

Creating Overloads actually provide the fastest experience to 99 Herblore. With base herblore experience rates reaching over 2,000,000 per hour when creating overloads

#2 Fletching

fletching icon rs3

Fletching is the second fastest skill to train to level 99 in Runescape 3. Making darts is the fastest way to train the skill from level 11 all the way up to level 99. Using this method it is possible to get up to 1.5 million base fletching experience per hour.

It is worth noting that Fletching is a buyable skill and therefore, the fastest methods such as dart tips can be extremely expensive. If using the best tier of dart it is possible to spend up to and over 600 million gold on this 99. However, there are competitive alternatives that are only slightly slower but significantly cheaper.

#3 Construction

construction icon rs3

Construction is the third fastest skill to 99 in RS3. When creating Flotsam Pawnbrokers efficiently it is possible to get over 1.1 million base construction experience per hour. With an optimal set-up for bonus experience it is possible to get significantly more than this too.

However, it does not come at no cost, Construction is one of the most expensive skills to train in Runescape. So, it can’t be taken lightly, due to its expense it is not usually trained to 99 until the player has progressed significantly and has access to high-level money making methods.

#4 Prayer

prayer icon rs3

Prayer is the fourth fastest skill to train to level 99 in Runescape 3. There are a number of efficient methods used to train the skill. Although traditionally, players will use bones at experience boosting altars such as the Gilded Altar, Chaos Altar and the Fort Forinthry Tier 3 Chapel Altar.

When using these Altars it is possible to get up to 1,000,000+ base prayer experience per hour. Similarly to construction, training prayer is very expensive and will cost players a significant amount of money if training efficiently.

#5 Firemaking

firemaking icon

Making it to the fifth place on our top 5 fastest RS3 skills to level 99 is Firemaking. To train this skill efficiently players should simply light and burn the highest tier log available to them at their current firemaking level. It is important to light fires in a line as opposed to Bonfires as it provides slightly fastest experience rates.

At level 90 Firemaking, players can light elder logs for around 520,000 base firemaking experience per hour. Additionally, while firemaking is still a buyable skill, it is significantly cheaper to train than the others listed in this article. It should cost players around 30 million, depending on current Grand Exchange prices.

Honourable Mentions

A few skills that have initially missed our top 5 fastest Runescape 3 skills include Summoning, Invention, Farming, Cooking and Smithing. They offer very competitive rates of experience and should definitely be considered if you’re looking for your next 99 in Runescape.

The likes of Summoning, Invention and Farming on the surface may appear to actually have faster rates of hourly experience than some of those mentioned in the top 5. However, it is important to include the amount of time spent acquiring the raw materials for some of these training methods. For example, a significant amount of time has to be invested into acquiring summoning charms or acquiring level 20 items for invention.