RS3 Prayer Training Guide

Prayer is an iconic and highly important skill in Runescape 3 for a number of reasons. However, its primary function is to provide specialised buffs to both combat and skilling. Therefore, training this skill to a high level is essential for creating a high-level account. This guide will go over a range of different training methods including the fastest methods. Keep in mind prayer is one of the fastest skills to 99 in Runescape, but we also have a list of slower, cheaper alternatives in this guide.

Fastest Prayer Training Methods

Training prayer efficiently involves the use of experience multiplying activities such as the Gilded Altar or Burial Powders. Below you can see a list of the fastest prayer training method in RS3. With their hourly experience rates and bones used per hour.

LevelsPrayer ActivityBones/HourBase Prayer Experience/Hour
1-99+Burial Powders4,800Up to 3,000,000 xp/hour
1-99+Chaos Altar1,600Up to 1,000,000 xp/hour
1-99+Fort Forinthry Chapel1,600Up to 1,000,000 xp/hour
1-99+Gilded Altar1,500Up to 950,000 xp/hour

Burial Powders

burial powders rs3

The powder of Burials is a tradeable reward from Het’s Oasis. When used it boosts prayer experience by 350% when burying any type of bone for 30 minutes. This is beneficial as it allows players to train prayer at the bank, on one single spot.

To be as optimal and efficient when burying the bones, ensure that you have added the bones to an action bar, with an assigned hotkey. This allows the player to bury between 4,400 and 5,000 bones per hour, a good average to aim for is 4,800. With the use of frosted dragon bones this makes this the fastest prayer training method in the game with up to 3,000,000 prayer experience per hour.

Chaos Altar

The Chaos Altar also provides a 350% increase to prayer, but both bones and ashes can be used on this. The area the altar is located in is found in the wilderness, just north-east of the Grand Exchange, so ensure you do not have PvP combat on.

Players should use Simon to bank and restock on bones, he is located on the other side of the temple walls. With this banking method it is possible to offer 1,600 bones or ashes per hour, which is equivalent to 1,000,000 prayer exp per hour when using frosted dragon bones.

However, players who have completed the hard wilderness diary tasks can un-note their bones from the inventory with Harrison. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent running to the nearest bank as Harrison is much closer than Simon to the Altar. When using Harrison it is possible to offer around 1,900 bones/ashes per hour.

Chaos Altar Location
Chaos Altar Location

Fort Forinthry Chapel

For this method to be viable it is essential you have a tier 3 chapel in Fort Forinthry, as this provides the 350% prayer experience increase. A tier 1 provides only 250% increase and a tier 2 has 300%. The number of bones used per hour and experience rates are very similar to the Chaos Altar as the bank is located in close proximity (on the west side of the chapel walls).

Gilded Altar

gilded altar rs3

An Altar can be built in a player-owned house, providing the player has the necessary construction level. The Gilded Altar is the highest tiered PoH altar and provides a 350% increase to prayer experience when offering bones or ashes. The Altar requires level 75 construction to make, however, players are able to use Gilded Altars in other players homes, so it is possible to use this method without your own Altar. The official world for hosted houses, where you can gain access to other players homes is world 31.

Although, it is worth noting, to get the full 350% increase, you will need to have two incense burners lit with a clean marrentill. Each lit burner provides an extra 50% increase, so without them lit you will only receive 250%. With this method it is possible to get around 950,000 prayer experience per hour with frosted dragon bones, offering around 1,500 bones per hour.

Alternative Prayer Training Methods

The fastest strategies to reach level 99 prayer and even 120 prayer in RS3 can be very expensive and even click intensive. Understandably some players choose for slower alternatives that might have other benefits such as being less intense or cheaper. Below is a list of some good alternative training methods for the prayer skill in Runescape.


The Ectofuntus provides a 400% increase to the experience received from bones, higher than any other method. This is beneficial as it makes it slightly cheaper, allowing you to get more experience from each bone. However, the process is significantly slower to complete, with only around 700 bones being used per hour. This can still result in up to 500,000 base prayer experience per hour with frosted dragon bones.


Efficient use of this method also requires completion of the Ghost Ahoy quest, for the Ectophial. The step-by-step for this process should look a little like this:

  1. Use Ectophial Teleport to the Ectofuntus.
  2. Run down to the Slime Pool to collect a full invent of buckets of slime.
  3. Teleport to any bank.
  4. Deposit buckets of slime.
  5. Withdraw 13 Bonemeal Pots & Buckets of Slime into your inventory.
  6. Use Ectophial Teleport to the Ectofuntus again.
  7. Worship at the Ectofuntus until all Bonemeal Pots & Buckets of Slime are gone.

Vyres with the Sunspear

Prayer does not just need to be trained outside of combat, its actually possible to train this skill while in combat. Killing Vyres with an Augmented Sunspear is actually one of the most efficient methods if you care about total experience per hour across multiple skills.

With this method it is possible to receive 400k prayer, 600k melee combat, 200k constitution, 270k firemaking and 140k farming experience per hour. While also receiving around 5 million gold in profit per hour from the Vyres lucrative drop table, depending on current Grand Exchange Prices. Although, its worth noting you will need the Morytania Legs 4 to receive the 400k prayer per hour, without you can expect around 265,000 xp/hour, which is still competitive.

Prayer Equipment

First Age OutfitCan be bought for 5,000 ecto-tokens. Provides 1% experience boost to prayer when worn or +6% for the full set.
Modified first age tiaraIs an upgraded version of the First age tiara, which costs 1,000 ecto-tokens and the original tiara. Provides a +2% chance to save bones and ashes.
BonecrusherCan be bought for 34,000 dungeoneering tokens. Requires level 21 prayer & dungeoneering. When carried in the inventory, pocket slot or tool belt, the bones of any monster the player has killed will automatically be buried for their regular prayer experience.
Perfect Juju Prayer PotionEach dose provides a 5% prayer experience boost when offering ashes or bones to the Chaos Altar, Gilded Altar and when using cleansing crystals in Hefin Cathedral.
Prayer UrnsPlayers carry these urns in their inventory and they will automatically pick up demonic ashes, providing 20% bonus on the experience that would of normally been acquired filling the urn. Require between level 2 and 62 crafting to create.