RS3 Magic Gear Progression

In Runescape 3, magic combat is core to any type of PvMing including bossing and slayer. So, knowing exactly how to gear your account at different combat brackets is an essential skill. This guide will cover the best gear upgrades for magic as you progress from levels 1 to 99 and beyond.

Low-Level Magic Gear: Levels 1-60

lunar robes rs3

During the Low levels of magic, players should use the highest tier armour they can get their hands on. However, power armour should always be prioritised where possible, as these provide magic style bonus. Start out with Wizard Robes at level 1, then quickly progress to the first type of magical power robes at level 20, the combat robes. From then players should use drudic mage robes at level 35, dagon’hai robes at level 40, skeletal or battle robes at level 50 and finally lunar equipment at level 60.

In terms of magic weapons, players at level 1 should start their training with a elemental staff, progress to battlestaves at level 30, mystic staves at level 40, the ancient staff or apprentice wand at level 50. By the time the player reaches level 60 they can pick between the dragon battlestaff, master wand, god staves or Toktz-mej-tal.

Furthermore, since items such as rings and amulets generally have no skill requirements or very low skill requirements, players can make use of this. The Essence of Finality (or) is the best in slot amulet for magic, however, if you are unable to afford it you could opt for an Amulet of Souls. Additionally, the Enchanted Channeller’s Ring is the best in slot ring for magic in RS3.

Recommended Setup

At level 60 Magic stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Guthix Staff
  • Lunar Equipment
  • Any God Cape
  • Enchanted Channeller’s Ring
  • Essence of Finality (or) OR Amulet of Souls

Mid-Level Magic Gear: Levels 70-82

virtus armour set rs3

Magic upgrades at this level bracket begin to elevate your magic capabilities significantly. At Tier 75 players gain access to the Abyssal Wand and Orb, in addition to the Staff of Light. Level 77 see’s the Armadyl Battlestaff become available and at tier 80 players will have access to the virtus wand and box and the Chaotic Staff. At tier 82 the Limitless Staff will be available for players to use as a magic weapon.

For Magic robes and armour, players should use the Subjugation robes at level 70 magic, this is the strongest power armour at this tier. Then at level 80 players should progress to either the Anima Core of Seren or the Virtus Set. Both share identical magic style bonuses, however, Virtus is slightly better due to its life point and prayer bonuses.

Furthermore, players will also find that the Blast Diffusion Boots become available to players at level 80 magic and are the best available at this tier. Players should also look to upgrade their God Cape to a TokHaar-Kal-Mej.

Recommended Setup

At level 82 Magic stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Limitless Staff
  • Virtus Robes Set
  • Blast Diffusion Boots
  • TokHaar-Kal-Mej
  • Enchanted Channeller’s Ring
  • Essence of Finality (or) OR Amulet of Souls

High-Level Magic Gear: Levels 85-95+

Elite Tectonic Robes

Players who reach level 85 magic should upgrade their Anima Core of Seren set to the refined version. This provides higher magic style bonus than the original version and Virtus. The next upgrade will be at tier 90 with the Tectonic robes and then finally tier 92 with the Elite Tectonic Robes. The Elite Tectonic robes are currently the best magic gear in Runescape 3, offering the highest magic style bonus of any armour.

If players had obtained the TokHaar-Kal-Mej during mid-level progression, they should now look to upgrade to the Igneous Kal-Mej, which is the best rs3 cape for magic. Likewise, players who had bought or obtained the Blast Diffusion Boots, should upgrade them to the Enhanced Blast Diffusion boots, these are widely regarded the best magic boot in RS3. When it comes to gloves, players should use the Cinderbane Gloves from level 85, when facing monsters that can be poisoned. For monsters that can not be poisoned, use the Enhanced Kerapac’s Wrist Wraps from level 90 magic onwards.

When it comes to upgrading to the best magic weapons in Runescape, this is arguably the most interesting part. At Level 85 the Duel Wield Cywir should be bought and act as your primary magic DW until the Seismic wand and orb are bought at tier 90. The Elite Seasinger is also a great option for tier 85 if players have it unlocked, although ultimately the Praesuls at tier 92 will always win. However, generally the Praesuls is not a worthwhile investment unless you can really afford it.

When it comes to main-hand magic weapons, start out with the Camel Staff at tier 85, before progressing to the Noxious Staff at tier 90. When reaching tier 92, players will gain access to the Staff of Sliske. Then finally the Fractured Staff of Armadyl at tier 95, which is currently the best in slot magic weapon.

Recommended Setup

At level 95 Magic stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Fractured Staff of Armadyl
  • Elite Tectonic
  • Enhanced Blast Diffusion Boots
  • Igneous Kal-Mej
  • Cinderbane Gloves or Enhanced Kerapac’s Wrist Wraps
  • Enchanted Channeller’s ring
  • Essence of Finality (or)

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