RS3 Range Gear Progression

In Runescape 3, ranged combat is one of the three primary ways players deal high amounts of damage to their targets. So, it’s important that as you progress through-out the levels, you know exactly what gear and weapons you should be making use of. In this guide we will cover the best gear and weapons for ranged at various level brackets.

Low-Level Range Gear: Levels 1-60

demon slayer armour

If you have the budget to afford expensive items then you can spend it early on slots that don’t have any skill requirements. For example the enchanted Stalker’s Ring is the best in slot ranged ring and the essence of Finality (or) is the best in slot ranged amulet, they can both be acquired at level 1. If you can not afford the essence of finality, try amulets such as the Reaper Necklace or Amulet of Souls.

In terms of armour and weapons between levels 1 and 60, players should start out with the basics. This includes leather armour and a shortbow at level 1, ranging up to dragon crossbows and black dragonhide armour at level 60. Although, if players can obtain the demon slayer armour at level 60, this is actually the better ranged armour. As it is classified as a power armour and provides offensive style bonuses to range, making it better than the dragonhide counterpart.

Recommended Setup

At level 60 range stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Duel-Wield Dragon Crossbows
  • Demon Slayer Armour
  • Enchanted Stalker’s Ring
  • Ava’s Alerter
  • Essence of Finality (or)

Mid-Level Range Gear: Levels 70-80

rs3 pernix armour

At tier 70, things begin to get more interesting when it comes to ranged gear upgrades. Players can use Godwars armour at tier 70, mainly the Armadyl set and at level 75 the duel-wield armadyl crossbows can be used. These are two very significant upgrades as players begin to move into the mid-tier range for gear.

After these and at level 80, the best in slot armour for this tier is Pernix, from Nex. Although the Anima core of Zamorak armour is a close second, the Pernix armour is only slightly better due to its life point and prayer bonuses, otherwise the two sets have the same ranged attack bonus. Additionally, at level 80 the Fleeting boots can be worn, which are the second best ranged boots in the game.

In terms of weapons at level 80 ranged, players have a wide variety of high performing weapons depending on their situation. Including the Hex Hunter Bow, Zaryte Bow, Royal Crossbow and Chaotic Crossbow.

Recommended Setup

At level 80 range stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Zaryte Bow
  • Pernix Armour
  • Fleeting Boots
  • Enchanted Stalker’s Ring
  • Ava’s Alerter or TokHaar-Kal-Xil
  • Essence of Finality (or)

High-Level Range Gear: Levels 85-95+

rs3 elite sirenic

Between levels 85 and 92 there is significant progression for ranged armours. At level 85 players can use the Refined anima of Zamorak armour, then the best armour for level 90 is Sirenic, followed by Elite Sirenic at level 92. The Elite Sirenic is the best rs3 ranged armour in the game currently.

Players with level 85 defence will gain access to the Cinderbane Gloves and players with level 90 defence will gain access to the Enhanced Nightmare Gauntlets. Both of these gloves are great for ranged combat in different scenarios. Players should make use of the Cinderbane’s when facing targets that can be poisoned. If the target can not be poisoned then use the Enhanced nightmare gauntlets. Additionally, the Igneous Kal-Xil is the best cape in runescape 3 for ranged, get this if possible, or opt for the TokHaar-Kal-Xil as a minimum.

Finally, when it comes to weapons, the best ranged weapon in Runescape 3 right now is the Bow of the Last Guardian. This can be used in combat at level 95 ranged, making it the highest tier of range weapon. Prior to that, players can use the Seren Godbow, Eldritch Crossbow and Blightbounds at tier 92. The Noxious Bow is available for tier 90 ranged, along with the Ascensions. While between 85 and 89 ranged, players will have access to important weapons such as the Wyvern Crossbow, Shadow Glaive’s, Bone Blowpipe and more.

Recommended Setup

At level 95 range stats a good setup would look something like:

  • Bow of the Last Guardian
  • Elite Sirenic Armour
  • Enhanced Fleeting Boots
  • Cinderbane gloves or Enhanced Nightmare Gauntlets
  • Enchanted Stalker’s Ring
  • TokHaar-Kal-Xil or Igneous Kal-Xil
  • Essence of Finality (or)

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