OSRS Anglerfish Fishing Guide

Raw Anglerfish can be caught in Port Piscarilius, with 82 fishing. They are a highly sought after food-type in PvM situations, as once they have been cooked, they can over-heal a players hitpoints. For example, a player with 99 hitpoints who eats an Anglerfish will have a total of 121 hitpoints.

Requirements for Fishing Anglers

  • 82+ Fishing
  • Fishing Rod
  • Sandworms
  • 100% Piscarilius Favour

Recommended items

  • Rada’s Blessing (increased yield)
  • Fish barrel (to store anglers)
  • Spirit flakes (50% increased yield

Where to do catch Anglerfish?

Anglerfish can only be caught in the north-east section of Port Piscarilius, located in the city of Kourend. Some of the fastest methods of transportation to this area include:

  • Kharedst’s memoirs to the Fishers Flute teleport and run north then east
  • Kourend Castle teleport and run east then north
  • Veos or Cabin boy Herbet ship from Port Sarim or Land’s end and run west then north
OSRS Anglerfishing spot
Anglerfishing spot

How many Anglers can be caught per hour?

With low fishing levels, players can expect to catch around 100 anglerfish per hour. This is without accounting for any boosts such as spirit flakes or the rada’s blessing. While at high levels (99 fishing) players can expect to get around 150 anglerfish per hour without any boosts.

Anglerfish Fishing Experience Rates

Fishing experience is very slow while catching anglerfish. At 82 fishing players can expect around 12k fishing experience per hour. While at level 99, fishing exp rates can be around 20k per hour. It is recommended to use other methods such as barbarian fishing if you want fast experience rates.