OSRS Rune Pouch

The Rune Pouch is an item that can store 16,000 of three types of runes, or four types when upgraded. The runes can be used in the same way they would be if in the inventory. Meaning the pouch effectively saves multiple inventory spaces. Only one rune pouch can be owned at once, you are not able to have multiple. Additionally, players can speak to the magic tutor in Lumbridge to allow runes to be placed directly in the pouch if picked up from the floor, this option is toggleable.

osrs Rune Pouch
Rune Pouch

How to get a Rune Pouch?

There are three different methods to obtaining a rune pouch, each is listed below:

  1. Purchase from any slayer master for 750 reward points.
  2. Purchase from Last Man Standing shop for 75 points.
  3. Purchase a rune pouch note from another player or the Grand Exchange.

Upgrading to a four slot pouch

Players can upgrade to the Divine Rune Pouch, this holds up to four rune types instead of three. To make the Divine Rune Pouch you will need to use a thread of elidinis on your regular pouch. The thread can only be obtained as a unique reward from completing the Tombs of Amascut. It also requires a minimum of 75 crafting (boostable) to combine the two.

Uses for the Rune Pouch – where is it good?

Anywhere that you need to use magic based spells, the rune pouch is very useful. This includes a variety of different skilling and pvm situations. It is extremely useful if you are doing content that requires you to maximise inventory space. Examples of uses for the pouch include:

Is the Rune Pouch worth it?

Yes, the rune pouch is a highly desired item, with good reason. The ability to free up more inventory slots is significantly useful. As the additional space can allow you to bring more armour and weapons for faster kills or bring more food for longer trips.

It’s implications for skilling are also useful, with different runecrafting training methods such as lava runecrafting or the ZMI altar. As a place to store runes for magic imbue or free up more inventory space.