OSRS Dragon Hunter Lance

The Dragon Hunter Lance is a one-handed dragonbane weapon. It requires a minimum of level 78 attack to equip and use in combat. In addition to having completed the firemaking, fishing and smithing sections of barbarian training. The lance is created by combining a hydra claw from the alchemical hydra with a Zamorakian Hasta. This process can not be reverted.

Dragon Hunter Lance Stats

OSRS Dragon Hunter Lance's stats
Dragon Hunter Lance’s stats

Dragonbane passive effect

The Lance has a passive effect against draconic creatures. It increases damage and accuracy by 20%. This includes all dragons, but also other draconic monsters such as wyverns, drakes, wyrms, the great olm and more.

Uses for the Lance – where is it good?

The Dragon Hunter Lance is a best in slot item for many different combat scenarios involving draconic creatures. As its passive effect makes it highly accurate and powerful against dragons. Some of the best places to use this item include:

Is the Dragon Hunter Lance worth it?

Yes, with so many profitable draconic monsters in the game to kill the lance can be a very important item. It out-performs any alternative melee weapons significantly when it comes to killing dragons. Moreover, it is considered one of the core items for anyone looking to get into the Chambers of Xeric.