OSRS Bank Organization Guide

This guide for Oldschool Runescape will go over the perfect bank organization. Including helpful tips and tricks to create the perfect layout and organized tabs inside of your bank. Remember, there is also the bank tags plugin that can be installed in the Runelite client to further enhance your banks organization.

Each of the sub-headings in this article will address a specific type of bank tab that falls into a certain category. You can choose to ignore or add some of your own if they aren’t relevant to your accounts needs. But, in general following these bank tabs will help you create a very efficient and usefully organized bank.

Tab one – every day items

In your first tab it’s important to keep a lot of your every day items here. Stuff you will need to have readily available for daily activities. For example teleports around the map, if you have a max cape then this can be used for the majority of teleports. Also, keep your 4 dose potions, food and runes here. You can keep 3 dose and lower potions in a separate tab to keep them out of the way.

Furthermore, miscellaneous items such as clue scrolls, implings, ammunition and such can be stored here. The tab can be optimised however you like, the most important thing is that it includes everyday items that are used at a high frequency.

osrs home bank tab
Main/First Tab

Gear tab layout

Somewhere within your bank, usually in your second tab you will want a gear tab. Again this can be personalised based on the gear you have available or to your own preferences. But, generally you want to pair ranged, melee and magic armours together and towards the top of the tab as seen in the image.

osrs gear tab
Gear Tab

Skilling & Miscellaneous items tab

A dedicated skilling tab can be very useful, keeping everything related to skilling in one area makes stuff easy to find. I also like the idea of keeping some random miscellaneous items in this tab. Particularly the different teleport amulets such as the glory, digsite pendant, games necklace and also the ring of dueling. As these are often needed to reach some of the skilling locations, particularly if you’re doing farm runs.

osrs skilling and miscellanious tab
Skilling & Miscellaneous Tab

PvM loot tab

I would usually put this as one of the end bank tabs, nicely out of the way. Having a big loot tab for PvM drops means you can one click deposit on them and they’ll be nicely stored out of the way and not get cluttered up in your main tab. It’s also great to look at and you can see how the generic loot you get from activities such as slayer, bossing and clue scrolls adds up.

osrs pvm drops and loot tab
Loot Tab

3 Dose and lower Potions

Again, I would highly recommend keeping this tab towards the bank of your bank. Having the smaller dose potions (3, 2 and 1) means you can keep your main bank tabs free from clutter. Eventually over time these potions will build up and you can simply decant them back into the 4 dose versions.

osrs low dose potions
Low Dose Potions Tab