OSRS Best Magic Gear

Magic makes up one of the three primary combat styles used to defeat various monsters and NPCs around OSRS. It has for a long time been considered the weakest attack style of the three. However, the right magic gear progression is still a critical point of any players account progress.

What is the Best Magic Gear in OSRS?

  1. Ancestral Robe Set
  2. Ahrim’s Robe Set
  3. 3rd Age Mage Set
  4. Infinity Set
  5. Mystic Robes

1. Ancestral Robes Set

The Ancestral Robes set is the best in slot set for magic armour in OSRS. To equip the set it requires a minimum of level 75 magic and 65 Defence. They are currently the only armour set in the game to boost magic damage. There is a trade off for some defensive bonus when switching from Ahrim’s, but the additional damage is significantly better.

How to get Ancestral?

Individual pieces of the Ancestral set can be obtained as a unique reward from completing the Chambers of Xeric.

Armour Stats

osrs ancestral robes stats
Ancestral Robes Stats

2. Ahrim’s Robes

The Ahrim’s robe set is the second best in slot magic armour in OSRS, behind the Ancestral set. It is a degradable armour set that requires a minimum of level 70 magic and defence to equip. The set will last for up to 15 hours of continuous combat and can be recharged from 0 to 100 for a cost of between 330k and 166k coins.

How to get Ahrim’s?

Individual pieces of the Ahrim’s set can be obtained as a unique reward from completing the Barrows Minigame. In order to have a chance of obtaining the Ahrim’s set, players must have killed Ahrim before looting the final chest.

Armour Stats

osrs ahrim robes stats
Ahrim’s Robes Stats

3. 3rd Age Mage

The 3rd Age Robes require a minimum of level 65 magic and 30 defence to equip in OSRS. They provide bonuses higher than infinity but are inferior to Ahrim’s. Although, unlike Ahrim’s they do not degrade and have lower stats requirements to use. However, their rarity makes them disproportionately expensive in comparison to the bonuses they provide.

How to get 3rd Age Mage?

Pieces of the 3rd Age mage robes are obtained exclusively as super rare rewards from hard, elite and master clue scrolls. They are extremely rare and its not uncommon for players to do thousands of clue scroll completions without receiving any of these items.

Armour Stats

osrs 3rd age mage robe stats
3rd Age Mage Stats

4. Infinity Robes

The infinity robes are a low to mid tier set of magic robes. They can be equipped with a minimum of level 50 magic and 25 defence. They are mainly used by players who don’t yet have the required level for Ahrim’s or Ancestral. Similar to the 3rd Age robes they are often difficult and time consuming to obtain for the little time that they are used. For this reason ironmen may opt to just aim for Ahrims or Ancestral.

How to get Infinity Armour?

The Infinity Robes can be obtained exclusively from the Mage Training Arena minigame. To purchase the full set you will need 1,495 Telekinetic, 1,695 Alchemist, 14,700 Enchantment and 1,495 Graveyard points.

Armour Stats

osrs infinity robes stats
Infinity Robes Stats

5. Mystic Robes

The Mystic robes are most commonly used by ironmen before Ahrim’s and low level players. They only require 40 magic and 20 defence to equip the set. Additionally, they are very cheap to purchase from non player stores or the Grand Exchange.

How to get Mystic Robes?

The Mystic robes can be obtained from a variety of different methods. Including as a drop from various slayer monsters, purchasing from the Wizards’ Guild store, the Brimstone Chest, Dragon Impling rewards or buying on the Grand Exchange.

Armour Stats

osrs mystic robes stats
Mystic Robes Stats

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