OSRS Best Ranged Gear

Ranged makes up one of the three primary combat styles used to defeat various monsters and NPCs around OSRS. It is often considered one of the most powerful combat styles, along with melee. Investing in good ranged armour can often be beneficial for overall ranged gear progression and increased damage.

What is the Best Ranged Gear in OSRS?

  • Masori Armour Set
  • Armadyl
  • Karil’s
  • Crystal Armour
  • Black D’hide

1. Masori Set

The Masori Armour Set is currently the best in slot ranged gear for OSRS. It requires a minimum of level 80 ranged and 30 defence to use. Additionally, it comes in two variants, an unfortified and fortified version. You can fortify the set by using armadylian components and this will increase its defensive stats.

How to get Masori?

Individual pieces of the Masori set can be obtained as a unique reward from completing the Tombs of Amascut.

Armour Stats

masori fortified armour stats osrs
Fortified Masori Stats

2. Armadyl Armour Set

The Armadyl Armour set is the second best in slot ranged gear for OSRS. However, it is still significantly worse than the Masori set. So, its worth upgrading as soon as you can. As the Arma set does not provide any boost to ranged strength. Although, the set does benefit from high defensive bonuses and the second highest ranged accuracy.

How to get Armadyl?

Individual pieces of the Armadyl set can be obtained as a unique reward from killing Kree’arra. You will need to have collected the required follower kill count to enter her arena, located in the God Wars Dungeon.

Armour Stats

osrs armadyl armour stats
Armadyl Set Stats

3. Karil’s Ranged Gear

The Karil’s armour is a set of powerful ranged gear that requires a minimum of 70 ranged and defence to use. The armour is strong but is also degradable, meaning it can be expensive to use in the long run. For this reason there may be better options available.

How to get Karil’s?

Individual pieces of the Karil’s set can be obtained from completing the Barrows minigame. Looting the chest will give you the chance to receive Karil’s pieces, but only if you have killed Karil during the minigame.

Armour Stats

osrs karils armour set stats
Karil’s Armour Set Stats

4. Crystal Armour

The Crystal Armour is an elven set that requires a minimum of 60 ranged and 70 defence to use. The armour is degradable and requires charges to be used to full effect. It can be charged with the use of crystal shards.

Each individual armour piece from the set, has a bonus effect when equipped to give a accuracy and damage boost to the Crystal Bow and Bow of Faerdhinen. Adding up to a total 30% accuracy and 15% damage bonus when the full set is worn.

How to get Crystal Armour?

Crystal Armour seeds must be obtained from completing the Gauntlet or Corrupted Gauntlet. Players can then take these to the singing bowls in Priffindas to create them, with the additional crystal shard fee. You can also go to Reese or Conwenna if you don’t have the required crafting or smithing level.

Armour Stats

osrs crystal armour stats
Crystal Armour Stats

5. Black Dragon Hide Armour

The Black Dragon Hide set is by far the most affordable. As it is cheap to buy and does not degrade. It requires 70 ranged and 40 defence to equip. In addition, the top and bottoms have the same offensive ranged bonus as the Karil’s top and bottoms.

How to get Black D’hide?

The Armour set can be created through the crafting skill. You will need 6 black dragon hides and a minimum of level 84 crafting to create the full set. A crafting boost can be used to reach the level required. Alternatively, the set can be bought on the Grand Exchange for no more than 40,000 coins.

Armour Stats

osrs black dragonhide armour stats
Black Dragon Hide Armour Stats

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