OSRS Bonecrusher

The Bonecrusher is an untradeable reward for players who have completed the hard tier of the Morytania Diary. Obtainable by speaking to the Ghost Disciple in the Ectofuntus, while wearing morytania legs +3 or a Ghostspeak amulet.

The item, when placed in the inventory and charged, will automatically crush the bones dropped by monsters you kill. This grants the player half of the prayer experience they would have otherwise gained from burying them manually. Or full experience with the elite Morytania diary tier complete.

Charging the Bonecrusher

To charge the bonecrusher simply add ecto-tokens to the item. One ecto-token is equal to 25 charges, making it relatively simple and fast to charge your bonecrusher. Praying at the Ectofuntus is the fastest method of obtaining ecto-tokens currently.

Bonecrusher OSRS

Bonecrusher Necklace

Players who have received a hydra tail and dragonbone necklace can combine them, with the bonecrusher to create the Bonecrusher necklace. This combines the effects of both the dragonbone necklace and the bonecrusher.

The Hydra’s tail can be obtained from the Alchemical Hydra. While the Dragonbone necklace is obtainable from Vorkath.

Uses for the Bonecrusher – where is it good?

The Bonecrusher is a relatively niche item, with a very small benefit as the prayer experience gain is rarely significant. However, it can be good for general combat training and/or slayer training. As in these scenarios you usually have plenty of inventory room and the passive prayer experience can be nice.

Is the Bonecrusher worth it?

If you already have the item unlocked then it can be worth bringing it along to low intensity combat areas. As it essentially provides free prayer experience, which can be useful, especially for restricted accounts like ironmen. However, normal account players may find it easier to just invest money into bones for prayer training.