OSRS Crystal Bow

The Crystal Bow is a type of elven bow, it requires a minimum of level 70 ranged, 50 agility and completion of the Roving Elves quest. The bow is most effective when the crystal armour set is equipped, as it provides an accuracy and damage boost.

The bow is considered one of the best composite bows, only beaten by the Bow of Faerdhinen. Additionally, the bow is required for various high level activities. Including master clue steps (emote and falo steps) and as a task for the hard Western Provinces diary.

Item Stats

OSRS Crystal Bow stats
Crystal Bow stats

How to create a Crystal Bow?

There are two methods used to create a Crystal Bow. The first is by speaking to Ilfeen, give her up to 900,000 coins and a crystal weapon seed. This requires completion of Roving Elves. Additionally, the gold cost will be reduced with more re-enchantments, down to a minimum of 180,000 coins.

The second is unlocked after completion of Song of the Elves. You will also need 78 smithing and 78 crafting, along with a crystal weapon seed and 40 crystal shards. You can then craft the bow at a singing bowl.


When the Crystal Bow is created, it will begin to degrade over time until it finally reverts to an inactive version. You can take it back to the singing bowl to recharge or pay a fee to Ilfeen. Ilfeen will charge 900,000 coins to re-enchant a crystal seed into a bow. This price will decrease by 180,000 coins each, up to 5 times before reaching the minimum fee for recharging which is 180,000.

OSRS Charging fee for Crystal Bow
Charging fee for Crystal Bow

Uses for the Crystal Bow

The bow has a variety of uses, as it is a very accurate weapon that can attack at long distances (10 tiles on rapid). The fact you can attack from a long distance with relatively strong ranged damage makes it good at locations such as:

Since the bow does not benefit from the ammo saving effects of the avas it can also be good at places where you want to reduce switches. An example of where this might be good is at places such as Demonic Gorillas.

Is the Crystal Bow worth it?

Yes, the Crystal Bow is always a very cheap and easy item to acquire. It can be beneficial for PVM if you are running on a tight budget and don’t have a lot to spend. It’s also pretty easy for ironmen to acquire the item, in comparison to other ranged weapons of similar strength. Additionally, you’ll need it in the long term for completing clue scroll steps and diary tasks.