OSRS Prayer Training Guide

Prayer is a combat skill in OSRS, that can be used to significantly improve your offensive and defensive capabilities. At high levels players gain access to piety and rigour and augury, providing the CoX prayer scrolls have been used. Prayer is also a requirement for many end-game PvM items such as the Corporeal Beasts spirit shields.

The skill is one of the fastest skills to 99 in OSRS and can be easily trained efficiently. Although, it is also a buyable skill meaning to train it efficiently can be costly. It is possible to gain over 1 million experience per hour with some of the most efficient methods, which will be covered in this OSRS prayer training guide.

Fastest Prayer Training Methods in OSRS

Gilded Altar: level 1 – 99

The fastest prayer training method is OSRS is offering bones to the Gilded Altar. When bones are used on a gilded altar, a 350% experience boost is applied to each bone. With good banking a total of 2,550 bones can be used on the altar per hour. With the highest tier of bone, the superior dragon bones, players can expect around 1,350,000 prayer experience per hour.

To access a Gilded Altar, they can be built in your Played-owned home, with level 75 construction. Alternatively, players can visit house party worlds and access other peoples homes for training. Both of the incense burners must be lit to maintain the 350% experience boost.

osrs prayer experience per hour at the gilded altar
Prayer Training Exp/Hour at the Gilded Altar

Alternative Prayer Training Methods in OSRS

Chaos Temple Altar: levels 1 – 99

Prayer training can be expensive, as such the chaos altar offers a cheaper alternative to the gilded altar. Players are able to get the same 350% bonus at the Chaos Altar. However, there is also a 50% chance of saving each bone used, effectively halving the cost of each bone. Players can bring their noted bones to the temple and un-note them for a small fee with the elder chaos druid outside.

The main drawback to using this method is that the Chaos Altar is located at level 38 wilderness and the Temple it is located within is multi-combat. For this reason, if following the method it is recommended to only bring small volumes of noted bones (that you can afford to lose) and bring tank gear with some food, a Dinh’s Bulwark is good here. Alternatively, you can ferry one full inventory of bones each time, to minimise your risk even further.

osrs prayer experience per hour chaos altar
Prayer Training Exp/Hour at the Chaos Altar

Ensouled Heads: levels 1 -99

Ensouled Heads is another alternative prayer training method in OSRS. It can again be beneficial for players looking to save on costs, but for those who do not wish to venture into the wilderness to do so. The activity can only be done near the Dark Altar in the Arceuus region of Kourend.

Players can expect up to 350,000 prayer experience per hour if using ensouled dragon heads. There will also be a small amount of magic experience provided for casting the spell.

Ensouled Heads Prayer Exp/Hour