OSRS Construction Training Guide

Construction is an expensive, buyable skill to train in OSRS. However, it comes with a lot of benefits, as players are able to tailor and customise their PoH to a variety of different needs. Creating an efficient PoH can completely change the way the game is played. Providing you a fast means of teleporting to a wide variety of locations around the game, the ability to quickly change your spellbook, train prayer with a gilded altar and much more. This OSRS Construction Training Guide will showcase some of the fastest and best ways to train the construction skill, followed by some viable cheaper alternatives.

Fastest Construction Training Methods

Chairs: level 1 – 33

Build chairs in the Parlour room from level 1 to 33 construction. This is the fastest method and provides between 60,000 and 200,000 construction experience per hour depending on the type of chair.

The most efficient way is to train with crude wooden chairs to level 8, wooden chairs to level 19, oak chairs to level 26 and then oak armchairs to level 33. For players to follow this method accurately, they will need the following materials:

  • Steel Nails
  • 166 Planks
  • 452 Oak Planks

Oak Larders: level 33 – 52

osrs oak larder

Building Oak Larders is the fastest construction training from level 33 to 52. They provide 480,000 construction experience per hour, making the levels super fast. Each Larder requires a total of 8 oak planks to build and a total of 1,760 oak planks will be required to go from level 33 to 52 construction.

Mahogany Tables: level 52 – 99

osrs mahogany table

Building Mahogany Tables is the fastest construction training method to reach level 99 in OSRS. Players can expect experience rates up to 900,000 construction xp/hr with a sufficient amount of attention and concentration.

Each table uses 6 mahogany planks to build, providing 840 experience each. However, this method is extremely expensive, costing over 150 million to do. If you do not have access to some of the best OSRS money makers, then it might be more efficient in terms of costs to use one of the alternative methods mentioned in the next section.

Alternative methods

Oak dungeon doors: level 74 – 99

Oak Dungeon doors are one of the best cost effective ways of training construction at high levels. They are significantly cheaper than mahogany tables but still provide up to 600,000 construction experience per hour. This makes it one of the best options for players who are conscious about spending a lot of money on training the skill.

Mahogany Homes: level 1 – 99

Mahogany Homes is a construction focused minigame that offers slow experience rates, but is much more engaging and less click intensive to train. The minigame centers around allocating tasks to players, these tasks involve travelling to NPCs houses and buildings to repair furniture. These locations are spread out across Falador, Varrock, East Ardougne and Hosidius, therefore, access to a variety of teleports in these locations is critical.

Experience rates start at between 30,000 and 35,000. But, this quickly scales up as high as 190,000 construction exp/hour for expert tier players. Additionally, the minigame provides points, which can be exchanged for useful rewards including an equipable saw, a plank sack and the carpenters outfit.

mahogany homes experience rates osrs
Experience Rates for Mahogany Homes