OSRS Mahogany Homes Guide

Mahogany Homes is a construction training activity. During this minigame, players will complete contracts for various NPCS in Hosidius, East Ardougne, Falador and Varrock. These contracts include re-building and repairing a variety of different furniture in the NPCs home. To start the minigame the only requirement is that you have your own player-owned home.

This OSRS Mahogany Homes guide will provide a full overview of the minigame and a strategy plan for the most efficient way to do it.

Guide to Mahogany Homes

Speak to Amy, south of Falador park to start the minigame. She will provide the player with a contract based on their construction level. Level 1 construction will receive beginner contracts, level 20 receive novice, level 50 receive adept and level 70 receive expert.

There are a total of 12 locations the contracts can take place at. 3 locations in each of the following cities; Hosidius, Varrock, Falador and East Ardougne. At the location, the homeowner will provide a list of the raw materials needed to fix the home. Upon fixing everything, the homeowner will reward the player with additional construction experience, carpenter points and a cup of tea that restores energy to 100%.

Gear & Inventory Setup for Mahogany Homes

osrs Mahogany Homes setup recommendation
Mahogany Homes setup recommendation

Teleports to the four main locations are highly recommended. Falador, Varrock and East Ardougne teleport tablets, with the Xeric’s Talisman teleport for Hosidius. The talisman can be worn or mounted in your PoH. Alternatively, you can move your PoH to Hosidius to reach it just as quick if you don’t own a talisman.

The NPC contact spell on the lunar spellbook is useful for contacting Amy to get contracts faster.

Experience Rates

At level 1 expect to get around 35,000 construction experience per hour. This can scale up as high as 225,000 construction xp per hour when completing expert contracts with a plank sack.

osrs Mahogany Homes Xp Rates
Mahogany Homes Xp Rates

The plank sack considerably increases experience rates and should be your first priority when it comes to spending points in the reward shop.

Experience Costs

Each plank will provide a specific amount of construction experience when used in the minigame. The experience granted is slightly less than if it was used during regular construction training. However, there is an additional chunk of construction experience given after the contract is completed.

The average xp per contract has been collected from crowdsourced data in the OSRS community. Players can find the average costs per contract and the gp/xp costs in the table below. Although, always remember to check current Grand Exchange before investing heavily in the method.

Experience Cost Table
Experience Cost Table

Mahogany Homes Reward Shop

Every successful contract completion will reward carpenter points. These can be exchanged at the Mahogany Homes reward shop for a variety of different items. The reward shop is owned by Amy, located south of Falador park.

The reward shop includes the following items:

ItemPoints RequiredNotes
Supply Crate25Construction Materials
Amy’s Saw500Equipable saw used for construction
Plank Sack350Holds up to 28 planks
Hosidius blueprints2000Hosidius wall kit decoration for your PoH
Carpenter’s Helmet400An individual piece of the Carpenter’s Outfit
Carpenter’s Shirt800An individual piece of the Carpenter’s Outfit
Carpenter’s Trousers600An individual piece of the Carpenter’s Outfit
Carpenter’s Boots200An individual piece of the Carpenter’s Outfit

Mahogany Homes points per hour

The higher tier your contract when completing Mahogany Homes, the more points will be awarded. It is possible to complete approximately 50 contracts per hour, regardless of tier. This makes it possible to gain up to 250 points per hour with expert contracts. In contrast, beginner receives 100 points per hour, novice 150 and adept 200 per hour.

Mahogany Homes Reward Points
Mahogany Homes Reward Points

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