OSRS Mahogany Tables Guide

Mahogany tables are built in the table space of the dining room in a player-owned house. To do this it requires 52 construction and grants 840 experience per table. As such this provides one of the fastest construction xp methods in OSRS. This article will provide an overview of how you can use mahogany tables for construction training in OSRS.

Mahogany Tables XP per hour

The Xp/Hr from Mahogany Tables is around 900,000. Providing players are concentrating and paying attention. With less concentration, a realistic expectation can be around 800,000 construction experience per hour.

How to efficiently construct mahogany tables

Each inventory takes precisely 22 ticks. To maximise your efficiency you want to build 3 tables and remove 2 in the time that the Demon Butler is fetching your planks. This allows you to maximise experience rates. The cycle is shown in the table below:

OSRS Tick perfect construction cycle for Mahogany Tables
Tick perfect construction cycle for Mahogany Tables

Mahogany Tables Cost

Mahogany Tables is a very expensive training method. Players can expect to pay anywhere between 13 and 16 gp/xp, depending on current Grand Exchange prices. Making the effective cost of 52-99 construction to be around 200 million gold.

A full breakdown of the average costings can be seen in the image below.

OSRS Mahogany Tables cost
Mahogany Tables cost