OSRS Herblore Training Guide

Herblore is a non-combat members only skill in OSRS. It is a buyable skill, making it one of the fastest 99s to train in OSRS. Although, this skill is unlike most other skills in the game, in order to train the skill players must first complete the Drudic Ritual Quest. This quest provides an introduction to the skill and how it is trained. In this guide we will cover some of the fastest training methods for herblore, as well as some good alternative methods.

Fastest Herblore Training in OSRS

Making Potions: level 3-99

Making potions is by far the most efficient method to train herblore from level 1 to 99 in OSRS. Generally, players will want to make the highest tier potion they can at their level. Below you can see a chart with the best potions to make at each level, their ingredients and hourly experience rates.

The experience rates shown for Stamina Potions, Extended Antifire, Anti-venom and Extended Super Antifire are all based on the fact you will need to be using the 1-tick creation method. This is significantly more effort, but rewards significantly more experience. If you do not want to use tick manipulation, then saradomin brews will provide the highest herblore experience rates at 450,000 per hour when not using tick manipulation.

OSRS fastest herblore experiene per hour
Fastest potions Exp/hour

Alternative Routes to 99 Herblore in OSRS

Saradomin Brew: level 81 – 99

osrs Saradomin Brew

As previously mentioned, Saradomin Brews provide the highest hourly experience rates (450k/hour) of any non-tick manipulation method. For those who value lower intensity methods, this option can be viable. You will need Crushed Nests and Toadflax Potions (unf) for this method.

Super Combat Potions: level 90 – 99

osrs Super Combat Potions

Super Combat Potions are significantly cheaper than some of the fastest training methods. Yet they can still provide appealing experience rates of around 325,000 herblore exp/hour. Although, the banking is more intensive than traditional potions, as multiple ingredients are required. To make a super combat potion, a Super Attack, Super Strength, Super Defence and Torstol are required.

Making Tar: level 19+

Another affordable alternative herblore method is making tar. This can be started at level 19 herblore and experience rates range from 61,000 to 145,000 per hour, depending on the type of tar you are making. This is also significantly more AFK, with lower levels of intensity, as fewer clicks are required and there is a longer amount of time spent between restocking your inventory.

osrs making tar herblore exp per hour
Making Tar Exp per Hour