OSRS Firemaking Training Guide

Firemaking is a skill used primarly to create fires in OSRS. It is typically a buyable skill, making it one of the fastest skill to train to 99 in the game. While the pracitcal usability of the skill is limited outside of training, it can be used to cook food on fires. It also provides some PvM implications, for example, taking on the Ice Demon room in the Chambers of Xeric. This OSRS Firemaking Training Guide will provide you with the fastest route to 99 Firemaking, in addition to some popular alternatives which can be used.

Fastest Firemaking Exp in OSRS

Levels 30-99: Burning Logs

Firemaking is a simple skill to train efficiently, as you will just need to use a tinderbox on the best available log at your level. With efficient banking it is possible to burn approximately 1485 logs every hour. At level 90 with redwood logs, the highest tier log, it is possible to gain up to 519,750 firemaking exp/hour. A breakdown of all the relevant experience rates can be seen below.

OSRS Firemaking logs experience rates
Firemaking Experience Rates

Alternative Firemaking Training Methods

Wintertodt: Level 50+

Training firemaking to 99 with logs can be both boring and click intensive. Wintertodt offers a more interactive, but less click intensive way to reach level 99 firemaking. Making it a more enjoyable experience on the road to 99 for only slightly less experience. Wintertodt also provides a small profit, a small amount of woodcutting experience and the chance of obtaining a pet.

At level 99 it is possible to get up to 320,000 firemaking experience per hour with wintertodt. A breakdown of firemaking exp per level bracket can be seen below. The official worlds for wintertodt include worlds 307, 309, 311 and 389.

osrs wintertodt experience rates
Wintertodt Experience Rates