OSRS Fastest Skills to 99

Achieving level 99 in OSRS is no easy feat and being able to obtain your own skillcape is one of the most common goals among any player in the game. Some are undoubtedly significantly faster than others. For example, buyable skills such as fletching and prayer tend to be faster than gathering skills like runecrafting or mining.

This guide will look over some of the fastest skills to level 99 in OSRS. Largely seen as the easiest 99s and best way to get a quick and easy skillcape.

What are the Fastest Skills to 99?

  1. Fletching
  2. Prayer
  3. Construction
  4. Cooking
  5. Firemaking

Fletching- #1 fastest skill to 99

osrs fletching icon

Fletching is the number one fastest skill to 99 in oldschool runescape. Players can gain between 3 to 4 million exp per hour when fletching darts. The world record is currently held by EZscape who took 3 hours and 9 minutes to achieve level 1 – 99 fletching. However, reasonable estimates put level 99 at around 8 hours for the average player with moderate levels of attention and clicks.

fletching darts to 99 in osrs
Road to 99 Fletching with Darts

Prayer – #2 easiest skill to 99

osrs prayer icon

Training prayer to 99 with superior dragon bones is the second fastest method of achieving a 99 skillcape in OSRS. Although, they can not be used before level 70 prayer, so from 1-70 you will be required to use Dagannoth Bones.

This is a very expensive method of training that requires a large initial GP investment to buy the bones. But, when used on a gilded altar it is possible to achieve level 99 in around 12 hours. Making this a super fast and easy method, although, it is very click intensive, similar to fletching darts.

Construction – #3 fastest skill

osrs construction icon

Construction comes in as third place in the list of skills easiest to reach level 99. The fastest route will have you starting with crude wooden chairs till level 19, followed by oak chairs till level 33. At level 33 you can do oak larders until level 52 where you unlock mahogany tables. Mahogany tables can then be continued until level 99.

With this method it will take you approximately 22 hours to reach level 99. Making it another super fast 99 that is easy to do. Additionally, if you want to reduce the cost on raw materials, you can switch to oak dungeon doors at level 74. Although this will increase the time spent to around 40 hours.

Cooking – #4 easiest 99 in osrs

osrs cooking icon

Cooking comes in 4th place, but is very similar to the time required for construction. Yet, cooking is far less expensive, making it more accessible to players that don’t have a lot of wealth. In total it takes around 24 hours to go from level 1 to 99 cooking.

osrs route to 99 cooking
Efficient route to 99 Cooking

The route to 99 can be seen in the image above. But, the majority of the time will be spent making wines or 1-tick karambwan cooking. To 1-tick karambwans, hold the space bar or number 2 button down on your keyboard and use raw karambwans on a fire or range every game tick.

Making use of the best cooking spots in OSRS, will be useful if you want to increase your cooking experience. Spots such as the Myths’ Guild and Hosidius House Kitchen are particularly useful for increasing exp rates, lowering burn rates and reducing time spent banking.

Firemaking – #5 fastest skill to 99

osrs firemaking icon

Firemaking is unquestionably one of the easiest skills to train, a lot of players enjoy it. It’s also the fifth fastest to level 99 of any skill. The most efficient way to do it is by using the highest tier log available for your level, all the way up to level 99. This can be seen in the image below and the average time to level 99 with this method is around 30-35 hours, depending on concentration.

osrs firemaking experience table
Logs & Experience Rates on road to 99 Firemaking

Alternatively, at level 50 firemaking, players can switch to Wintertodt. With wintertodt it will take around 65 hours, but the method is far more relaxing and less click intense. Additionally, there is the chance of a wintertodt pet and you will be making profit rather than a loss from burning logs.