OSRS Lava Runecrafting Guide

Crafting Lava Runes in OSRS is currently the fastest runecrafting xp in the game. The method requires a minimum of level 23 runecrafting. Also, since they are a combination rune, players must bring a earth talisman or magic imbue. This OSRS lava runecrafting guide will provide you with all the information you need.

How to make Lava Runes in OSRS?

There are two methods used to craft lava runes in OSRS. These are as follows:

  • Bring pure essence, fire runes and and an earth talisman to the Fire Altar.
  • Bring pure essence to the Fire Altar and use the magic imbue spell before using them on the altar.

Optimal Gear & Inventory Setup for Lavas

Below is an example of an efficient gear and inventory setup for lava runecrafting. The setup assumes you are using Magic Imbue as opposed to talismans.

Lava Runecrafting Gear & Inventory Setup
Gear & Inventory Setup

Weight reducing gear such as Graceful is important for energy consumption. The Mist battlestaff, tome of fire and rune pouch provide all the runes required for Magic Imbue and NPC contact to repair pouches.

Add a ring of dueling to teleport back and forth between the dueling arena and castle wars bank.

Runecrafting XP per hour with Lavas

Runecrafting xp/hr rates with Lava runes start at 38,000 xp per hour. The experience only scales when you gain access to new rune pouches that can carry more runes. At level 85 it is possible to get up to 110,000 runecrafting xp per hour.

A breakdown of all the different experience rates can be seen below.

osrs lava runecrafting XP per hour
Lava Runecrafting XP per hour

Runner Lavas

Players can boost their hourly experience rates by making use of essence runners. This is the fastest way to train runecrafting. But, one of the most expensive training methods in OSRS.

The method involves paying multiple real players to run essence to you at the altar. This means you never have to bank yourself and can effectively have a consistent stream of essence to craft.

A typical runner costs between 7 and 8 million per hour. With 4 runners players can expect to gain around 240,000 runecrafting experience per hour. With 3 runners expect around 180,000 xp per hour.

osrs Lava Runners Xp Rates
Lava Runners Xp Rates

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