OSRS Obor Guide

Obor is Oldschool Runescape’s hill giant boss. He can be attacked in free to play worlds and was osrs’s first f2p boss, which was late followed by Bryophyta. To access his lair and fight him, players must have obtained a giant key, from killing hill giants.

How to get to Obor in OSRS?

Obor can be found in his lair, which is located behind the locked gates on the western wall of the hill giant area in the Edgeville Dungeon. There are two entrances to the Dungeon as follows:

  • Through the trapdoor in the ruined house south of Edgeville bank.
  • In a locked shed north-west of the Cooks’ Guild in Varrock. A Brass Key is required to enter the shed.

Obor Gear Setup – f2p

obor gear setup osrs
Obor Gear & Inventory

As this is a free to play boss, a f2p gear perspective is shown. If you are killing the boss in members worlds, use your best melee gear and food.

Obor Mechanics

Obor will attack with melee and ranged. His ranged is the stronger of the two, so protect from missiles upon entering, this will reduce damage by 50%. Immeidately attack Obor on entering and wait for him to die. The boss is relatively simplistic due to its f2p nature and being an entry level boss.

He can however, do a slam attack which will push you back. This can not be prevented, simply attack Obor again and wait for him to die. Use high healing food where necessary to maintain high hp.

Obor FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Obor for the first time.

What level should I be to fight Obor?

Base combat stats of 50 attack, strength and defence are recommend, with 40 prayer for protect from missiles.

How many times can you kill Obor?

Each giant key represents one attempt at killing obor. You will need a new key if you wish to kill Obor again.

Best place to farm Giant Keys?

Deep wilderness dungeon is the best place to farm Giant Keys. As their drop rate is halved in the wilderness.

What does obor drop?

Obor drops a range of different alchable items, which can build up profit in the long-term. The main unique he drops is the Hill Giant Club, which is one of the best F2P melee weapons.