OSRS Elidinis’ Ward

The Elidinis’ Ward is currently the best magic shield in the game. It can be obtained as a unique reward from the Tombs of Amascut. It requires a minimum of level 80 magic, defence and prayer to wield and use in combat. The Ward comes in an unfortified version, but can be upgraded to an untradeable fortified version by combining the arcane sigil to the item.

Elidinis’ ward Stats

osrs Unfortified Ward Stats
Unfortified Ward Stats

Upgrading to the Fortified Version

The Eldinis Ward can be upgraded. To do this you will need the Eldinis’ Ward, an Arcane Sigil and 10,000 soul runes. This requires level 90 prayer and smithing to combine the items.

A Fortified Eldinis Ward provides significantly more defensive and offensive bonuses. With the most significant boosts being an additional 2% magic damage and 20+ accuracy over the original unfortified version.

osrs Fortified Ward Stats
Fortified Ward Stats

Additionally, a Menaphite Ornament Kit can be attached to the fortified version. This altars the shields cosmetic appearance, but does not change its stats.

Uses for the Elidinis’ ward – where is it good?

The Elidinis Ward is good to use at any content that relies on a high volume of magic based attacks from your character. However, it is usually used by mid-tier players, as wealthy high level players will likely have access to the Tumeken’s Shadow. Which is the best magic weapon in OSRS and is two handed. The ward is most frequently used with the sang, trident or kodai. Examples of useful places for the ward include:

Is the Elidinis’ ward worth it?

Yes, the unfortified ward is super useful to mid tier players with small to medium sized banks. As the ward is a very cheap item to buy and offers magic damage bonus. Items that are able to boost max hits for an affordable price should always be a high priority when it comes to purchasing.

However, the fortified version is the best mage gear item for the shield slot. Although, it is very expensive due to the the fact the arcane sigil will always be an expensive item. Therefore, it may be better for most players to invest this money elsewhere and stick with the unfortified version.

Elidinis’ ward Vs Arcane Spirit Shield

Both versions of the Ward will always be significantly better than the Arcane Spirit Shield. As the Arcane does not give any boost to magic damage, unlike the ward. The regular ward is also way easier to obtain and cheaper to buy than the arcane.