OSRS Slayer Ring

The Slayer Ring is a type of ring that is used for its teleport options. It has the ability to teleport players to popular slayer training locations. There are two options when it comes to obtaining slayer rings. They can be bought for 75 slayer reward points from slayer masters. Alternatively, players can pay 300 reward points to unlock the ability to craft slayer rings themself. This requires 75 crafting and an enchanted gem, gold bar and ring mould to create the ring.

Each ring when created has a total of 8 charges, each teleport costs 1 charge and when all 8 charges are used the ring crumbles to an enchanted gem. The ring also allows players to contact a slayer master without consuming charges.

OSRS Slayer ring
Slayer ring

An eternal gem can be obtained from superior slayer monsters. Using the eternal gem in replacement for the enchanted gem when creating a slayer ring will create the eternal slayer ring. This ring provides unlimited teleport charges.


The Slayer Ring can be used to teleport to various locations around the OSRS map. In total there are 5 teleport options, these are as follows:

Uses for the Slayer Ring

The slayer ring is used to teleport to popular slayer training destinations in a fast and efficient manner. Additionally, the ability to contact slayer masters with the ring, saves significant time travelling back and forth between slayer masters.

Is the Slayer Ring worth it?

Yes, unlocking the ability to craft slayer rings is worth it in the long-run. Although, one-off purchases of the ring is not usually worthwhile due to the high cost in points.

It’s also worth noting that unlocking the ability to craft these rings should be one of the last things you spend your slayer points on. Your slayer unlock order should prioritise items such as the Slayer Helmet first. In addition, to superior monster unlocks and an efficient block list.

How to make a Slayer Ring

  1. Collect or buy an enchanted gem, gold bar and ring mould.
  2. Take these items to any furnace in the game.
  3. Use the furnace to create a Slayer Ring with the items.