OSRS Zalcano Guide

Zalcano is old school runescapes mining boss. Personal damage to Zalcano will scale the amount of loot you can receive. Therefore, masses are very bad for profit. 4 man teams are the best for gp/hr. However, massing is still the best when it comes to pet hunting zalcano. Mass worlds can be located on world 375 and 378.

Best Setup for Zalcano

OSRS Zalcano Gear
Zalcano Gear
  • Teleport Crystal: If you die, use the crystal to return to Zalcano in a fast manner.
  • Varrock Armour 1-4: 10% chance to get 2x ores.
  • Rune Pouch: Use this to store any runes you receive as a drop from Zalcano.
  • Regen Bracelet: 2x HP regen (4x HP regen with Hitpoints Cape).
  • Celestial Signet: This ring boosts your mining level by 4, also grants a 10% chance of saving the charges of crystal equipment.
  • Phoenix Necklace: provides hp when you fall below 20 hp, very useful for preventing deaths by accidently entering Zalcano’s red zones.
  • Elysian Spirit Shield: Offers damage reduction when hit by boulders. Only recommended if you already have one, and is not necessary due to items high price.

Setup Downgrades

  • Max Cape → Mining Cape → Hitpoints Cape → Graceful Cape
  • Regen Bracelet → Graceful Gloves
  • Elven Signet → Ring of the Gods (i) → Ring of Suffering (i)
  • Crystal Pickaxe → Dragon Pickaxe

Killing Zalcano Guide

  1. Mine the glowing red rocks (you mine these much faster than the non-glowing ones). For teams with 4-10 people, mine between 3 and 8 depending on team size. Mine less in higher scales.
  2. Refine ore at the furnace.
  3. Imbue your refined ore on the altar, located on the opposite side of the room.
  4. Throw the ore at Zalcano. If blue circles appear, throw the rocks from their location, this will increase the amount of damage you deal. If blue circles don’t appear, throw 1 or 2 ore’s then wait for them to appear.
  5. When the shield hits 0 be close by and ready to mine Zalcano.

Zalcano’s Attacks

  • Zalcano will drop boulders which deal up to 40 damage. They cover only 1 tile so can be easily avoided.
  • She will lay down patterns of symbols. There are two kinds, blue and red. The red symbols are to be avoided at all costs. Dealing high damage in quick succession often leading to death very quickly. The blue symbols should be stood on when attacking her with ore, as they will provide a boost to your damage.
  • Unavoidable damage in the form of rubble falling on players head. This only deals between 0 and 6 damage.
  • Zalcano will throw an orange projectile towards the glowing red rocks. Make sure you have moved away from the rock or you will receive 20+ damage if stood nearby.
  • Zalcano will deal 10+ damage to players in the area after the mining phase is over. Simply move away.
  • Players who stand under her during the mining phase will receive 20-40 damage per tick.
  • She will also spawn a golem by throwing a red orb randomly around the room. Kill the golem for the chance to get between 20-24 imbues ore as a drop. If the golem makes it to her, her shield will be increased by 50.