OSRS Splashing Guide

Splashing is a type of AFK method used to train the magic skill. The method involves significantly decreasing your magic attack bonus to the point where every spell misses (splashes) the opponent. No damage is dealt, but the experience for casting the spell is still gained. Since the monster effectively will never die, players can auto-cast the spell for long periods of time.

Players can auto-retaliate against the NPC for up to 20 minutes before they will be logged out due to inactivity. For this reason it is advised to set 15 minute reminders to interact with the game, to avoid a forced logout.

Equipment Requirements for Splashing

For splashing to work at a 100% rate, you’ll need to optimise your gear setup to have a magic attack bonus of -64 or lower. Below you can see an example of free-to-play and members setups. Although, you can make your own with any combination of armour providing it is below 64 magic attack.

osrs splashing gear setups
Splashing Gear Setups

Where are the best places to Splash?

You want to find and use a monster that has a considerably low combat level and cannot deal any sufficient damage, that may risk you dying. Commonly used monsters are rats, seagulls and spiders.

Popular locations for these monsters include areas such as Port Sarim and Piscarilius. The Lumbridge area had an update that prevented players gaining experience from splashing. This was done to avoid new players being confused by a large amount of players splashing on rats.

Avoid any multi-combat locations for splashing, as players can kill your target and prevent you from attacking. Examples of this include the Varrock Sewer rats.

Experience Rates by Spell

If you have access to the Harmonised nightmare staff, then it is highly advised to use it. As it can perform actions every 4 ticks, unlike traditional staffs that complete combat spells at a speed of 5 ticks. This effectively increases your hourly experience rate by around 25%.

Below you can see a breakdown for the experience rates of different spells on the normal spellbook.

osrs splashing experience rates
Splashing Experience Rates

How much exp an hour is Splashing?

Players can get anywhere from 6,000 magic experience per hour all the way up to 76,000 magic experience per hour. Depending on the gear used and the spell being casted. Keep in mind that the highest rates of experience are considerably more expensive due to rune costs.

How many casts per hour is splashing?

1200 casts per hour is standard for most magic staffs. However, if you have the harmonised nightmare staff then 1500 casts per hour is possible.