OSRS Nieve

Nieve is Oldschool Runescapes second highest level slayer master, beaten only by Duradel. Located at the heart of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, she requires a combat level of at least 85 for her to assign you with tasks. Despite her being a lower tier than Duradel, she is widely regarded as being the best for assigning high slayer experience per hour tasks. Thanks to her high weighting of barrage-able tasks.

How to get to Nieve?

Nieve is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Directly in front of the Stronghold Slayer Cave or east of the Gnome Agility Training Area. The fastest methods of reaching Nieve include:

  • Using the NPC contact spell on the Lunar Spellbook, does not require any movement and is therefore the fastest option by far.
  • Spirit tree teleport to Tree Gnome Stronghold and run south-west
  • Slayer ring teleport to Stronghold Slayer Cave
  • Royal seed pod to Grand Tree then run south-west
osrs nieve location
Nieve location

Slayer Points

Every task complete players will receive 12 slayer points from Nieve. This increases when players hit a specific interval, 60 points every 10th task, 180 points every 50th and so on. With the elite Western Provinces diary complete the slayer points per task increases to match the amount given by Duradel.

osrs slayer task points from nieve
Nieve Slayer Points per Task

Task list & Weighting

Nieve FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to use Nieve for training slayer.

Which slayer master for fastest XP?

Nieve has a very slightly better task list for slayer experience, with an optimised block list. However, Duradel is also very good. It is not recommended to use Konar or wilderness slayer for experience.

What level should I use Nieve?

As soon as you hit level 85 combat you unlock Nieve. It is recommended to start using her immediately, although you may want to block monsters with high combat levels early on such as Black Demons and high level Dragons.

Best Nieve block list for profit?

When optimising a block list for profit, you want to block high weighted monsters than give low valued loot. A good block list example for profit from Nieve would be:

  • Black Demons
  • Fire Giants
  • Hellhounds
  • Suqah
  • Bloodveld
  • Greater Demons

Other Slayer Masters

With a total of nine slayer masters that can currently be used in osrs there is no shortage of people to assign you a task. Each master offers something different, usually in terms of the difficulty level associated with slayer assignments. As each has its own unique task list and weightings. The slayer masters are as follows: