OSRS Ardougne Knights Guide

The Knights of Ardougne, also known as “Ardy Knights” are in charge of protecting the marketplace from thieves. If they observe a player stealing from the stalls they will immediately attack them. However, the players can opt to actually steal from the Knights themselves, by using the pickpocket technique.

Players will need a thieving level of at least 55 and will receive 84.3 thieving experience and 50 coins each successful pickpocket.

How to get to the Ardy Knights area?

Unsurprisingly ardy knights can be found in the city of Ardougne. They are located in the eastern part of the city, found roaming the marketplace. To get to the area they are found use one of the following methods:

  • Ardougne teleport
  • Spirit tree to Battlefield and run north-east
  • Take ship from Brimhaven or Rimmington to Ardougne and run north.
  • Ardy cloak teleport to monastery and run north-east
  • Skill necklace to fishing guild then walks south
osrs ardougne knights location
Ardougne Knights Location

Method to trap an Ardy Knight

trapping the ardougne knights osrs

When trapping the knight you will want to lure it into a specific building, the north-east corner building is normally the favourable one. The dragon spear is used to push and stun the knight into the direction you want it to go. You can also lure him into the building by attacking him and making him follow you to the building then logging out with the door closed. You will want to ensure he can move between two tiles though, if he cant move he will de-spawn within around 10 minute of inactive movement. The area he is in in the screenshot below is optimal.

Having him trapped like this is beneficial as it means you can zoom in closely and effectively spam click without paying much attention. You will however, have to open the pouches of gold every so often to continue thieving.

Success rates with Pickpocketing

ardougne knights pickpocketing success rate osrs

When do you stop failing Ardy Knights?

At level 95 Agility players will stop failing pickpockets at Ardy Knights. This only applies if you have completed the Ardougne medium diary.

How much experience an hour with Ardy Knights?

At level 55 players can expect 65,000 thieving experience per hour with this method. Scaling up to 240k if the player has completed the medium ardy diary and has level 95 thieving. The rates become capped at this point as the success rate becomes 100%.

knights of ardy experience rates osrs
Experience Rates

Ardy Knight Worlds?

There are no official worlds for Ardy Knights. Unofficial worlds include w302, w330 and basically any high population worlds. You’ll be more likely to find Knights that are already set-up in those worlds making it easier to jump straight into the thieving aspect.